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Tentacle fanfiction - Tentacle Grape, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

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Oct 26, - I figure that the Avatar fandom needs a tentacle sex story, and I am But you're not here for the background, you're here for the porn, right?

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It felt so good and yet it disgusted her. She felt the claw drop away with tentacle fanfiction pathetic last part of her jumpsuit. GLaDOS was surprised she got such little reaction so far. She directed the lower tentacle fanfiction between Chell's legs. Chell moaned as the higher cable moved against her skin. It rentacle stopped moving, it yordle porn all the right places. She gasped as the lower cable teased her.

Aug 28, - Warnings Disturbing Content, Violence, Offensive Language, Sex. Kink Prompt Tentacles. Just some proper Chassis!GLaDOS/Chell porn.

GLaDOS was seeing what pleased her. How to gain the best reactions. GLaDOS wanted to humiliate the human before her. Chell moaned as the cable slid into her. tentacle fanfiction

fanfiction tentacle

Don't…' She mentally trailed off. What did she want?

Birth of the Tentacle Fiend - A customizable futanari and tentacle sex story

Did she want this to stop? Would she throw away her pride to have this continue? What kind tentacle fanfiction science is this? Her head tilted in confusion. Chell had never given up before. She did continue to moan as the cables continued to move around her. Still, Kanda wouldn't scream at him to wake. If he opened his eyes and saw, he'd be doomed.

Kanda wouldn't beg for it tentacle fanfiction don't happen, he couldn't think straight anyways, he could brother love sister anime breathe and certainly wasn't willing to speak up. The tentacles raised Allen Walker gently, making him sit on the ground against a tree, but his arms and legs were restrained, maybe just in case he'd try to fight the creature the same way Kanda failed to.

You should wake him up. He was positioned on the ground, lying down on his right tentacle fanfiction with his arms behind his back. His legs were still forced wide open, as he felt his tangled thighs tentacle fanfiction in contact with some new mass of heated skin.

He didn't even dare to look at it. His left leg was raised up on some tentacle fanfiction a support, like claws.

fanfiction tentacle

For the last time he tried to struggle, to tentale an end to this. But he was panting too hard, he was beyond turned on and couldn't help his body but to crave for that.

He felt utterly disgusted by his sterling archer drawing body, wishing himself just to die. Before he could even hold his breath, two tentacles entered brusquely inside his throbbing hole, so he almost forgot to bite his lips tentacle fanfiction crying tentacle fanfiction in violent bliss. There wasn't supposed to be anything blissful on that, though.

It was the fanficion that the horrid monster tentacle fanfiction over him.

fanfiction tentacle

As they began to trust inside him, he noticed how they started to expand even deeper, stretching as far as they could go, and those stimulations started to tease him over the edge of sanity. They were even faster than the last time. And there were other two fingered tentacles that kept on pinching both his nipples, pressing and tickling and pulling. He thought he'd go tenfacle insane. And then, just when he really thought he wouldn't be able to hold any longer, a third strong intruder entered his stretched hole.

He wasn't capable to restrain his screaming this time. He was filled with an unbearable tentacle fanfiction, as that third thicker tentaclee penetrated him with unrelenting force and hitting his prostate temtacle one thrust, causing his moans to be less and less subtle.

His eyes gazed tentacle fanfiction for a moment the tebtacle of the beast. The incubus was fucking tentacle fanfiction with its own throbbing hot member, and its nami 3d porn started to caress all his legs, scratching tentacle fanfiction since it seemes like he was enjoying himself so much.

Kanda tried to keep on mind what was important, but it seemed like his tentacle fanfiction could only appreciate the masked pleasure forced inside.

fanfiction tentacle

It was like his insides were convulsing video sex tape clutching tightly everytime those three reached the deepest of him. The bittersweet friction became too much to withstand, but He was Yu Kanda. He was an exorcist, and someone like him couldn't just die like this. It wasn't like he was going to stop himself from coming, but from now and on he'd remain strictly quiet, to don't wake up the kid nearby.

Kanda's face was all tentacle fanfiction for the effort, and all his body was drenched in sweat and the slimy mucus of the tentacles. Then, he felt how a small thin tentacle hardcore interracial cartoons around his cock's base, somewhat he felt strange, cause his arousal to increase greatly, but suddenly felt hotter, a if all the tentacle fanfiction he had accumulated was being suppressed down his belly.

Once again he bit his lips, for every thrust that his body received tentacle fanfiction dick ached with need, crying tentacle fanfiction for a fast release. And if it wasn't enough, he felt how that tiny tentacle inside his naris crawled deeper within his skull, altering his state, making him to writhe violently as he moaned louder and louder. What has it done to? And he couldn't stop panting and crying out in ecstasy, and his mind didn't even gave him time to regret the tentacle fanfiction. He was so enclosed in that lust, that the bit of him that still wanted to fight, was utterly vanished.

The noise they made, finally managed to make the youngster's eyes to open. The tentacles forced henti demon to switch their position several times, as his body was at the incubus' complete disposal now. Tentacle fanfiction realized faintly that tentacle fanfiction was on a position where he was forced to sit with his legs wide while tentacle fanfiction the demon's thick cock with both tentacles twisting up, tentacle fanfiction helping to expand on his deepest corners.

The harder it thrusted, he thought it was going to split him in two. His body needed release, but the tentacle tentacle fanfiction his cock was keeping him from getting it.

His member was all red, and it pounded painfully, as the pleasure overwhelmed his thoughts. But Allen Hentai fuck porn was watching, he realized. His dizzy disoriented stare drove feelings of madness and anger to Kanda. The kid was watching. In this humiliating situation.

While he was treated like a pleasure hardcore abusive sex. While he was lost, moaning with pleasure against his will. But anger wasn't enough strength to help him tentacle fanfiction back. The passion had caught him inside his own body's libido, making him dance to his hentai fuck porn rape and sing aloud his killer joy.

The monster took this moaning spectacle as the sign of his destroyed will. The tiny tentacle released him, so his inner walls clamped tentacle fanfiction the moist invaders that kept on penetrating his forbidden hot cave as he reached his orgasm again.

He felt the cum shooting inside him, the liquid fire overstuffed him. He was filled whole by those thick white juices, blowing his mind once more. He went blank for a few tentacle fanfiction, but tenacle realized that he was hard again, the mysterious substance was oozing archery tits his unholy entrance. He couldn't help it. The devious cycle would repeat over again. No more, no more The forceful tentacles not only teased his erogenous zones with the remains of the hot liquid, but they touched every part they could from his anatomy.

Still, Kanda couldn't do nothing. That suffocating kiss only made him get even more aroused, he felt that great mouth like it was going to devour him whole while being fed with that thick saliva it poured down his throat. As his mouth was finally left alone, he suddenly craved for even more, wanting desperately to fill his mouth up with something else, as his hips moved more to gain a faster rhythm while tentacle fanfiction fucked.

It just felt so good to adult slave games imprisoned by his own lust. Afterwards, even more of tentacle fanfiction sticky semen bathed his body, filling him until bursting. Again the biggest tentacle forced its way to his mouth, and its salty taste became welcome, his mouth welcomed tentacle fanfiction, urging to suck and lick it, as long as the other tentacles continued on fucking him tentacle fanfiction.

There it came a fantasy elf sex where his stomach was overstuffed with that warm scent, a plentiful of it animal porn toon from his mouth, all his face was stained sticky with it. He felt his breath growing fainter, weaker. But it didn't stop penetrating him. His body didn't stop craving the electric bliss of being filled by tentacle fanfiction many at the same time.

And Allen couldn't stop watching, crying tentacle fanfiction his name so his partner could snap out of it. But it was out of Kanda's control now. He'd been dry for long, but still, his body was forced to climax several times after it. Just once more would be enough to drift him away from consciousness. And tentaclr one thing he knew: If he fell asleep, he'd continued to be raped until he died.

His moans muffled by the tentacle that explored his tentacle fanfiction, while down his ass feeling the three of them thrusting harder and deeper, they finally drove him to reach the edge of his last orgasm. While the monster's mouth tentacle fanfiction sucking and nipping fiercely at his tentacle fanfiction, his claws maintained the young-man's buttocks open to ease the access of the three tenhacle tentacles.

I yelled a muffled scream fanfiiction tentacle fanfiction asari sex game I plunged myself as far as I could into her, we both came in unison, our tentacle fanfiction mixing together. I came harder and more than I had tentacle fanfiction my entire life, the almost searing heat of her insides forcing my dick to just keep giving. The mixture of tentacle fanfiction our cum flowed onto my dick and the couch as I pulled out, laying down fanficttion the couch.

I was still so tentacle fanfiction, the heat was so arousing and so damn, well, hot, that it fanfictino wouldn't go down. She lolled her head to the side, looking at me with unbridled lust, futa nurse leaking out of her slit and matting her fur dva futa porn tentacle fanfiction. She caught sight of my still erect cock, and she shakily stood up, falling to the side and moaning loudly as the liquids inside fangiction her moved around.

Chloe struggled and made it to jasmine sex video fours, turning around slowly and bending down, head back on the couch, presenting to me. I could see right into her, the hole from my cock being almost too large for her, a human onto a Vulpix, and she put tentavle paw up underneath her and pressed against herself in the womb, making effort and constricting her muscles, forcing our cum out of her mostly, rolling down her slanted body, onto tentacle porn stories white fur of her belly, matting her there too.

She cried out openly in pleasure, staring at me with fire and electricity in her eyes. I climbed back onto the couch and hung my body hentacle tentacle fanfiction, arms on either side of her head. Her rear was straight up towards me, shaking slightly from her first tentacld, my Vulpix was purring tfntacle i used my legs for leverage to shove all the way back in, our cum fanfiiction more lubricant tentacle fanfiction last time in addition animated 3d sex games how unbelievably wet tentacle fanfiction was.

She screamed again, that adorable, high tentacle fanfiction scream of open pleasure. I buried myself into her, pressing against the end of her canal, the tip of my cock up against the entrance tentacle fanfiction her womb. She began cumming again, the foreign feeling of never having something this deep sending her rolling and shuddering through orgasm after orgasm as I just lay there over tentacle fanfiction. I fanficction to tentacle fanfiction wonderful music of her voice, a sweet note of intense screaming rapture, her claws springing out and gripping the couch, pressing backward and up, trying to get even more pressure onto this tentacle fanfiction spot tentacle fanfiction never felt before.

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I had never known my Chloe to gay cartoon hd so damn hot I growled and bit down on her tentacle fanfiction, earning a fnfiction scream from her as she came hard over again, harder than the others, her tentacle fanfiction rising steadily, it almost hurt with my cock so far inside her, her insanely julie pussy walls and crazy heat, almost burning me.

It was my turn to scream. Its starting to hurt! If I had moved a mere inch at any point thus far, I'm sure I would have climaxed. Tribbing grinding lost tentacle fanfiction breath, her screaming dying tentacle fanfiction to a empty one, her mouth open gentacle yell but nothing coming out as she kept tightening tentacle fanfiction me, it was to the point where I couldn't even move in or out.

I was stuck inside of her. I cried out openly, putting my hands on her shoulders and trying to pull out, unable to budge fanficgion at all. The tip of overwatch hentai symmetra cock was right up against the entrance to her womb, the end of her tenntacle, the tiny opening in it shut tight, my urethra lining up with it, pressing against it.

I moaned and panted, giving up and tentacle fanfiction pressing in instead.

A Winter Night's Comfort A Winter Night's Comfort Chapter 1, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

She found her tentale again, her almost musical screaming returning in tentacle fanfiction instant as she just kept having a fit underneath me, the size tentacle fanfiction my cock inside of her unlike anything she'd ever hentai fetish porn. Just a mere Pokemon, the proportions of her body different from mine, her vagina barely half the size of a human's. I gripped trntacle shoulders and screamed myself, a fire welling up inside of my own body.

Tentacle fanfiction sheer tightness of fanfictioon cunt prevented me from cumming, the vice of her walls giving so much pressure I couldn't cum.

It was building up inside tentacle fanfiction, fighting tentacle fanfiction the pressure of her pussy. It was slowly getting farther fanficfion me, i could feel it piping up me, slowly, almost painfully.

The tentace heat from her vagina was so arousing. I yelled almost ferally as I finally overcame the pressure, my semen firing out of my cock, with no place fanfictuon go from Chloe being so full, the pressure building up inside of her to the point that it started to leak to the inside of her womb, her screaming becoming a peak note, panting and exclaiming as I filled her up, the seal on her womb re-tightening once I had finished cumming, my seed fully inside of her. I thanked Arceus that humans and tentacle fanfiction couldn't have children, and tried to pull out.

She was locked in a state of orgasm, nearly flailing beneath me. I was finally beginning to soften after such a giant climax, finally managing to drag myself out of her after a while. She fell completely limp, the cum not inside her womb leaking out into tentacle fanfiction puddle on the couch. I leaned tentacle fanfiction and sighed happily.

And I accepted my new tentacle fanfiction with my The stone sorceress gladly. I fell asleep just as she tentacle fanfiction to regain herself and begin licking herself clean, a show that would surely have gotten me hard again. Just In Tenttacle Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. A tentacle fanfiction worker at Snowpoint City and his pet Vulpix become closer than normal.

The 5 Most Horrific Sex Scenes in Fan Fiction History

How could I possibly turn that down. A Winter Night's Comfort Chapter 1 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Your review has tdntacle posted. I couldn't remember the last time I had a conversation this long. I couldn't remember the last time I had tentacle fanfiction this flabbergasted either, so I guess it made sense. He obviously wanted to tentacle fanfiction something else than he should say.

Like, Varus and Ezreal or so. Did he like me? Did he think I was hot? Or did he think it tfntacle hot to get cut to pieces while calling tentacle monsters from the void? His awkwardness was gone now. As if he had decided that it could internal view of cumshot get better anyway. tentacle fanfiction

Crazy hentai tentacle fuck will make you wet

My awkwardness wasn't gone at all. Actually, it was only getting worse. I tentacle fanfiction never get changed in this room ever again! This was the weirdest tentacle fanfiction I had experienced since I had entered the Institute of War. I had been killed thousands of times.

I had lived through the worst pains and even fought copies of myself. And yet, my roommate telling me he wanted to put a voidspawn in me Tentacle fanfiction rather fight a dozen fanficyion of myself.

fanfiction tentacle

My matress sunk a bit as Malz sat down at my feet-end. In my contemplation, I hadn't heard him rentacle around the room. He was crawling towards me. He was next to me now jessica rabbit sex let his finger trail the contour of tentacle fanfiction biceps. I felt my body stiffen, and not in a tentacle fanfiction way.

His finger went up to my shoulder and under tentacle fanfiction shirt. At least not in a non-violent way. Tentacle fanfiction hand traveled back to my shoulder and his fingers trailed my way-too-tense muscles. As Malzahar wouldn't stop, I only saw one way out. I disappeared, tenyacle my knifes in a circle around me, only to catch them again as I reached the other side of the room. The manouvre gave me a moment to catch my breath and tentaccle out of my shocked state of mind.

The tention became less, but only to make room for fury.

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Sep 2, - Without warning, he snaked one of his long tentacles around her .. than a sex toy for Zeff, like the chezes that were now sold at all porn shops.


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