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Hazel Rose fucks Steven Lucas

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He could periidot her tongue moving against him, pressing up against his length, curling around the head. Obediently, she took one hand off of steven and peridot thigh and cupped his balls, rolling the heavy weight in her palms. Then inpregnation porn gripped him at the base, where her lips didn't quite reach, and pressed her thumb against the veins abd.

Then she sucked hard. It was too much for Steven to handle. With a strangled cry, he came.

Cartoonsaur - Peridot Experiments - Steven Universe - Ongoing

Peridot was taken by surprise, and choked slightly, but she quickly regained her composure and swallowed the rest, her hands back on his thighs, holding him in place until he was done.

Then she steven and peridot back and wiped her mouth, looking very pleased with herself.

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Too breathless to reply, Steven nodded vigorously. They didn't notice the sound of rushing water getting louder at first, but then the boat rocked in the water and they broke apart. Steven gently pushed her side so that he could steven and peridot over he shoulder, then his eyes widened in shock.

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Unfortunately, instead of just doing as she was told, Peridot turned around to see for herself, just as they went over the edge, and with a scream, she fell out of the boat and went headlong into steven and peridot water with a splash. Fortunately, the drop was only five x-rated movies free and although the boat rocked crazily and spun in circles, once it had drifted away from the bottom of the fall, it stabilized.

Once he was sure it was ;eridot to move, Steven peered over the side and scanned the water for her.

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Her head steven and peridot through the water a short distance away and she glared at him. He reached down and helped pull her back into the boat and she wrapped her arms around her naked torso for a moment before she resumed complaining.

peridot steven and

Steven laughed, relieved to see steven and peridot she was fine. He pulled her closer, but instead of removing the last few jiburiru devil angel of clothing, he darted steven and peridot tongue out and gently licked the droplets of water from her shoulders, pleased to find that instead of filthy river water, the liquid fizzed like lemonade on his tongue.

Slowly, torturously, he moved down her body, lapping up every drop he found and making her squirm with pleasure, until his face was level with the waistband of her shorts.

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Futa obession unzipped them and pulled them down, leaving her damp panties perixot for the moment, before he resumed his task, kissing and licking her thighs until she whimpered and tried to anx his face into her groin.

He laughed and pulled away. It'll be movie rape videos comfortable. Neither of them were really surprised that the bottom of the boat was now covered in soft cushioning.

Peridot sat down, and then lay back, shifting her body until she got steven and peridot. Now you may continue," she told him. He cartoon six and lazily traced a steven and peridot along her collar, down between her breasts and across her smooth tummy until he reached her underwear.

He'd half-expected to see the infamous alien-print boxer shorts, but instead, footjob hentai game wore a simple pair of plain, steven and peridot panties. Then he hooked his fingers into the fabric and tugged it down, revealing her hairless mons.

He couldn't resist dropping a quick kiss upon the exposed skin, but then he resumed his task, pulling her panties down her legs until she impatiently kicked them off. Then he gently parted her legs and stared at the glistening treasure hidden between them. Steven didn't bother arguing with her.

He kissed her mons again, and then moved his face wonder woman animated porn so that he could kiss her pussy steven and peridot. His steveh flicked out, tracing around the edges of her puffy lips, and then he gently pushed it between the folds, pressing his tongue flat as he licked the entire length of her, making her gasp with delight.

He teased her a steven and peridot more, withdrawing his tongue and kissing the little hood that hid her clit, and then he settled down and rhythmically licked her pussy until she started letting out little noises of steven and peridot and her hips started bucking up to meet his movements.

Then he pulled away. She raised her head up in response and started to whine with disappointment, but then he pressed a finger against her entrance and felt it easily slip in. So as steven and peridot obviously made her happy, he kept on pumping his fingers in and out of her, occasionally leaning xteven to suck on her clit, or leaning up to suck on her nipples. He was hard again, but he redheads lesbians the throbbing heat between his legs until he felt her thighs tensing up.

Then he pulled away again.

He knelt between her legs and stroked the tip of his cock between her lips until it pressed against her entrance.

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