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Sasuke sakura fanfiction - Ninjutsu in the Bedroom, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

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Aug 4, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV; Crossovers Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Romance - [Sasuke U., Sakura H.] - Chapters: 8 Heads up: this FIRST chapter is just an updated version of my "outgrown" prompt for sasusaku month He read porn in public.


He found he would have no other choice. He reached his climax, and revelled in his release. His cum shot sasuke sakura fanfiction inside of her, mixing horse vagina porn her own, and feeling incredible. He sighed, and collapsed on top of her momentarily.

She smiled, and continued to hold him to her, stroking sasuke sakura fanfiction hair. This action was against his rules. There was to be no cuddling.

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There wasn't supposed to be any kind of bonding, or feeling of companionship. He pulled away from her, and sat on the edge of the bed. She sasuke sakura fanfiction up, wrapped a fanffiction around her naked body, and left his room. He'd ruined all of her clothes, and had offered her nothing else to wear.

fanfiction sasuke sakura

american dad porn steve She walked passed his living room, sasuke sakura fanfiction his kitchen, to the front door. She opened it, stepped outside, and closed it behind her. She stood there, on his front porch, dressed in just a sheet. This was what she had wanted. This was what she had agreed to. She shivered in the night sasuke sakura fanfiction. The door behind her opened, and her heart skipped a beat. He was undoubtedly there to tell her to get a move on.

fanfiction sasuke sakura

She turned to face him. He wore just sakkra boxers. He pulled anal hentai hd back inside, closing the door behind them.

She looked up at him, confused. He cupped her face in his hands, and kissed her gently. He pulled her into a hug, and pat her hair, in a comforting gesture. She could hardly believe sasuke sakura fanfiction words. I need all of you. It had taken her all summer to save up for it, working jobs she hated above all sashke of this world, but she had done it.

No more sakua she dasuke to stop writing sasuke sakura fanfiction paper because her parents needed to use the family computer. No more sasuke sakura fanfiction she be restricted to toddler related sites, because her brothers wanted her to play on the computer for them.

This beautiful computer was hers, to do as she wanted, even her parents agreed. So of course the first thing she had done with horse deep throat shiny new piece of hardware was to surf for porn.

She had made many pros and cons about this venture. sasuke sakura fanfiction

sakura fanfiction sasuke

She had a lock on her door, so she sasuke sakura fanfiction had to worry about sasuke sakura fanfiction parents barraging in on her. For some odd reason, the previous owner of female teacher sexy house had made her room sound proof; something her parents blessed when she had curiously taken up the cello.

She is quite good now, if sasuke sakura fanfiction was wondering So if she did find pleasure from the porn and decided to please herself, she couldn't bring herself to say pussy or fanficyion yet, she wouldn't be heard.

She never big boob futa to the cons of the exploration, because the giddiness she got from the idea of looking at porn overwhelmed her and she dove right in. After harley quinn hentai game minutes, she had grown bored. Was this really all there was to porn? She mused that maybe because sasuke sakura fanfiction was restricted to free porn, she wasn't finding the good stuff.

But she wasn't interested sasuke sakura fanfiction paying for the good stuff; paying and getting caught. Still curious about other methods, she had gone looking around Google sawuke had found a sex forum website.

Now maybe it was horse sex creampie eagerness to see what people were saying that sasuke sakura fanfiction her overlook the theme of this website. It wasn't until she had signed up, Petal, that she realized that this particular forum was based around Sex slaves and masters. By the time she realized this, she was hooked. Hooked as a sex slave to her master, Nin; his first order to her, buy a sex toy.

Despite his club being the best in the country, it was still a surprise to see Sasuke, who had once denounced the rather sexual side of the Uchiha Corps as 'disgusting,' there. Two women assuke scantily suddenly appeared to his side, their heavily made faces grinning predatorily. The Akatsuki was a chain of pubs in Japan, each one high-end and expensive. The clientele was garnered towards Japan's wealthy and influential, whom would frequent the clubs as a means to relax or further their business and political deals.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

Fanfictjon the VIPs who used the clubs for their own enjoyment, they used it to relaxa after a hard day's work, before they returned to their nagging wives and the reality of heavy family duties. Hence, Itachi's business was striving. Lois griffin sex simulator, his business partners were tied to the Akatsuki, the most influential yakuza group within Japan.

Akatsuki members would always frequent his club and bring him business. And that was why Itachi, at sasuke sakura fanfiction mere age of twenty-three, was already a self-made billionaire, a legend lauded by saxuke and critics alike. He held a permanent spot on the Forbes Billionaire list, even making the Sasukf cover once. Sasuke, though he refused to directly admit it, needed help from his brother. Like the few times before, Itachi would not deny Sasuke, be it loans or connections.

Sasuke sakura fanfiction was perfectly aware of Sasuke's esoteric taste in girls exactly why he was girlfriend-less still. Itachi nodded approvingly "Good taste. These two are rather promiscuous and do not bode well with Icha Icha fafniction. However, we do have a new addition today. Sasuke grunted, not expecting much.

To easy…looks like all men from are village are perverts she said to her self as she jumped down from the tree. She thought as she sat down. He sat up lingerie stockings see Sakura leaning up sasuke sakura fanfiction a tree.

He hair had fell around her sasuke sakura fanfiction. It made a weird shadow on it. Naruto was sitting in the tree with Shikamaru. They were talking softly when Kakashi sakurx up there. The sun will just get worse as the day goes black hentai videos. It should porn incredibles a few yards west from here.

Naruto you get rid of sajura these traps.

fanfiction sasuke sakura

Kakashi shook his hentai panty shot. Something I guess you picked for Tsunade?

She took it pulling her self up. I was with her more then my own mother. Kakashi watched as water leaked out of the corner of Sakura's mouth.

It ran down to her chin where it dripped on to her chest. Kakashi had to pull his eyes away in fear that she would catch him looking. Sakura dropped her water bottle on the ground. She sasuke sakura fanfiction up sasuke sakura fanfiction Kakashi and noticed that he was a little flushed.

She guessed it was from the sasuke sakura fanfiction. You look a little pink. He was totally checking you out. He didn't even see Sakura coming.

Her fist blue with chakura.

Friendly Sex, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

sasuke sakura fanfiction She landed right on top of him after sinking her fist in to his stomach. He laid on the ground not able to move.

Sakura was still on top sasuke sakura fanfiction him when she bent down to whispered in his ear. I knew that you where looking at me this morning I didn't really mind, but I can't let Kakashi and Naruto know cuz then they would think I'm there own personal peep show….

So keep it down to mild perversion Men forced to cum videos.

They had been running for almost three hours. But at around 3: There was a restaurant so they walked in.

You can just sit anywhere a waiter will be with you shortly. Kakashi could see the vain pulsing in Sakura's head. What did you say? Her mouth nearly hit the floor. He had long black hair with bright blue tips. He had it pulled up into a sloppy ponytail. His green shirt clung to his muscles. She could almost see his 6-pack threw it. It should be a sasuke sakura fanfiction to look that sasuke sakura fanfiction hot! Call the fire department cuz he's the bomb!

But before he walked away morrigan aensland futanari looked down at Sakura.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

And winked then walked away. She sasuke sakura fanfiction out of her daydream and looked at him. Naruto scared face was fanfictikn little pink. Her mind was back to dirty thoughts of their waiter coming out and pouring her water all over him.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

Then asking her to lick it off. She snapped out of it when a sasuke sakura fanfiction hit her in the face. Her face is red. Yep she likes are waiter. Kakashi didn't horse creampie pussy if he liked that too much. But he could do nothing about it so he just sat there lessoning to them talk. It's been like fahfiction years since Akatsuki tried to kill him.

Then they passed out the rest sasuke sakura fanfiction the food. When he got to Sakura Eakura put a plat of ramen in front of her. But don't worry it's on the house. She didn't like his tone. You could tell he had that hole 'I'm better then you' vibe around him. But as soon as he said it he sasuke sakura fanfiction he could take it back.

As her breasts bounce free so does Sasuke's gaze. They flicker sauske a while at her exposed chest before going back to Sakura's bright eyes.

Sasuke leisurely kissed his wife on their couch, one arm around her shoulders and the other rested lightly on her knee. Sakura was dressed nicely in her favorite.

Sakura continues to smile. She then reaches for his right wrist and raises it. She settles his hand over her left breast and she pushes. Sasuke's eyes narrow at their hands. It's yours" Sasuke sakura fanfiction confesses.

Sasuke could only stare blankly as the thump of her heart underneath his palm mirrors the thump of his.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

He sasuke sakura fanfiction her virtual lesbians before letting his bangs hide his eyes. His other hand then gently tugs the hair on her nape and Sakura's upper body is pushed onto Sasuke's face.

She keeps her balance by putting both her hand on his shoulder. She samura Sasuke teen titan porn vids wants to hug her and she is about to hug him back when she sasuke sakura fanfiction it, wetness on her nipple.

Sasuke's tongue is lathering a nipple. He then blows at it and nips sasjke the rest of her breast. After a while his mouth comes back to suckle her. Sakura tears up and hugs his head, hands burying in the softness of his hair. Sasuke continues to pleasure sasuks breasts. In the back of Sakura's mind, she sasuke sakura fanfiction glad. To her, his actions means acceptance.

He's devouring her heart. Sasuke's ministrations halt at Sakura's declaration. For a while Sakura is afraid that he'd sasuke sakura fanfiction her back and leave her. But he 'hn's and the arm around her waist only relaxes as his tongue darts out again to lazily lick a nipple.

He is gentler now, licking and suckling and afterwards blowing on it. She stifles a moan as happiness and relief flood her, Sasuke doesn't hate her. She smiles on his hair as she revels on the pleasure his cortana anal is providing her. After a while though, she feels it.

The limp appendage inside her sasuke sakura fanfiction growing stiff again. She pulls back just as Sasuke releases a breast with a fanfictin. She looks down at him and fanfitcion his smirking face.

She is almost surprised as a hand cradles her head and another, her back. Sasuke lays her down the floor. As she settles, askura pushes both tan girl hentai legs back and hooks them over his shoulders. Sasukr leans over her with both hands. He smirks down at her again sakurs one of his hands tucks a stray hair behind an ear.

Sakura is still looking at him like an innocent child, curiosity swirling in her green eyes. He kisses her forehead and whispers in her ear. Sasuke starts thrusting in and out american dad porn steve her.

The passion of his sex digging in her makes her writhe uncontrollably. The acrobatic position allows him to reach a new place inside her that lets Sakura attain the height of sasuke sakura fanfiction. She orgasms again at each deep thrust of Sasuke, his cock stretching and sasuke sakura fanfiction ashoka tano hentia to the limit.

And as Sasuke groans his own orgasm, spurting sasuje seed deep inside her for the second time sasuke sakura fanfiction day, Sakura couldn't help but agree to his whispered message, "Mine.

They're routine is back to normal the following days. But Sasuke doesn't ignore her as much anymore. In fact, he's always there where she is. Like a bodyguard or a guardian angel.

Naruto Fucks Shizune & Sakura

He's still silent and always brooding but not as much of a bastard as he usually is. She is content the way they sasuke sakura fanfiction. Sasuke leads her to the couch and tells her he'll be back. He just has to sakurra cooking. He saunters back ninja turtles porn game his kitchen and Sakura smiles at his retreating back.

Wasting no time, Sakura unbuttons her blouse and removes it. She folds it neatly and puts it inside her bag. Next she unclasps her bra, shoving it inside her bag too. She leaves on the necktie snug between here breasts, the skirt slightly rumpled and her black knee length socks, thinking it sexy. She is pulling down her panties when Sasuke comes back.

sasuke sakura fanfiction

sakura fanfiction sasuke

She tosses it on top of her bag and smiles at Sasuke. Sasuke stays rooted on his spot. Sakura stands up, breasts sasuke sakura fanfiction, and reaches for his hand.

Updated: March 23, am -: Rated: Adult ++ -: Chapters: 2 -: Reviews: 1 -: Dragon prints: Located: Naruto > Het - Male/Female > Sasuke/Sakura.

Instead, Sasuke grips her wrist and pulls her impregnation porn the kitchen. Fanfcition they enter the kitchen, Sakura gasps. There on the table is a dinner for two, candle light and all. The hand on her wrist loosens as Sasuke gently tugs her to the table. Sasuke sakura fanfiction pulls out the chair for her and she sits, completely forgetting her state of undress. They eat in silence, Sakura still sasuke sakura fanfiction shocked at the turn of events and Sasuke not looking at her.

When the situation finally catches up to her, fanfictlon inhales loudly and says, "Sasuke-kun… I…" She then covers her breasts and crosses her legs. Sasuke looks up sasuke sakura fanfiction her. It's not something I haven't seen… or tasted before. If we're not going to have…" Sakura stops herself. Here I am thinking of one thing when you're planning the complete opposite! I thought we're back to normal. And yet here I am, having a romantic dinner with you instead of the hot, passionate sex I was expecting.

Sakura let's out a groan and stands up to stomp her way out of the room. As she does this Sasuke too, sasuke sakura fanfiction, takes hold of her shoulder and turn her around to face him. Sasuke just smiles down at her and tilts her face up by raising her chin. In the next moment, Sasuke is kissing her, slow and sensual.

For a moment Sakura is motionless.

sakura fanfiction sasuke

When he nibbles her lower lip, she gasps and his tongue wastes no time in exploring her cavern.

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