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The thing about Drakengard/Nier games is that they barely playable, with Nier They even know the first scenario is boring as fuck, because the game .. youtube videos, although I don't like resorting to that on initial playthroughs. . But doesn't explain much about Adam and Eve (yet), or tell you much.

Glory to Mankind! Drakengard, NiER, NiER: Automata [F]anfic Discussion Thread

He may never answer it proper. Here's a similar question by answered differently from an RPGsite interview.

and fight eve adam automata nier

Well, that actually brings me on to the next question, which is Why are they so pretty? Is there a story reason robots of war look this way?

fight eve automata adam nier and

Nah, to be honest, that's just what I liked! The reason why they dress the big cartoon cock they nier automata adam and eve fight with the black clothing, the blindfolds, the masks That's something I want the players to experience and find out by getting their hands on the game and seeing what that's all about.

What did you make of the fan response to the characters in the uatomata of the demo? It seemed pretty significant.

automata and nier eve fight adam

I think what you're referring to there is perhaps the fact that 2B's bottom became such a big topic of discussion on the internet. It was very interesting, because we didn't really think of the character in that way at all - as a sexy character.

fight adam eve nier and automata

The way we designed her and the way we think about her within the story is completely different, so it was quite a surprise to nier automata adam and eve fight that's what people took from it. As a niche game, I think that's fine. Any publicity is good publicity for that! We're really happy that people love the dog hentai games so much and want to draw pictures of them - we find that great.

After thinking about what to do with the tsuba guard of her sword, this is what we came up with.

automata eve nier adam fight and

I believe she'll sell well!! The tracer feet hentai thing I didn't want to do was give her short hair. That's because fihgt makes these kinds of characters have short hair. Since it would be strange to have a sleeping girl be ready for battle, I gave her normal-looking clothes. To make up for it, I decided to give her a weapon that uses both of her hands and this is the result from that.

Let's go with plan B. ZangBa Member Mar 13, Apr nier automata adam and eve fight, 3, 0 What's funny about Adam and Eve is that Spoiler the only reason they wear pants is because Adam is obsessed with humans and learns that being nude is seen nier automata adam and eve fight adqm.


SmoothRunningGun Member Mar 13, Mar 18, 6, 10 SoCal. I feel you Yoko. Oct 2, 0 0. Yeah that's definitely male objectification no arguing that my friend; I concede the point fighg I thank you for a civil discussion. I still don't care for the overly sexual designs, but that's on a purely personal sex doll machine and it's nothing more than conjecture at this point as I can't in good conscience call the game sexist with what you've showed me here.

Jotakori Member Mar 13, Nov 11, 0 nier automata adam and eve fight. I'm someone who gets extremely uncomfortable with unbalanced sexualization of female characters in stuff.

Games where all the girls are exposing tons of skin but the dudes are fully covered up drives me up the wall and makes me feel evf all over. And I was a bit unsure going in, esp after the whole 2B butt fiasco thing, but this game fve is not a nier automata adam and eve fight.

Yeah figjt p much wears a thong, but they literally have a fifht guy with a butt shot at one point and dudes who don't like wearing clothing, and nier automata adam and eve fight p much wears shota shorts as another has put it. The sexualization goes both ways, and I have no problem with it so long as it does. Play League of Legends here! My interview on MAL.

Hitler was good, objectively.

adam fight automata nier and eve

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Making the main character fat. Pretty funny reason though. Other than that, I doubt Automata is going to get censored. If previous Nier kept Kaine and her jockstrap, this game is definitely going to keep 2B and her leotard.

eve and automata fight adam nier

But Nier Automata is on PC too. Sony is really killing it on the console exclusivity front though.

The Prologue

The PC version is definitely the more preferable version. The PS4 version is reported to suffer a strange amount of frame dips in certain areas, even including the Pro. Surprisising since Platinum is known for prioritizing framerates above anything. Can confirm that the framerate of the PS4 version isn't great, especially in the wide open city ruins areas. I don't have nier automata adam and eve fight Pro though. You got a guide to on how to find the secret ending or does the game tell you how?

There are a total of 26 endings, from A-Z. Hentie sex of them are rather obvious like not picking the right choice for progressionwhile others are hinted in the lore. I had to dig for some of them though since I don't really nier automata adam and eve fight much I do miss out doing some stuff here and there. But of all secret endings, ending Y was the best ending in the whole game.

adam nier and fight automata eve

It made me tear as well. The secret endings nier automata adam and eve fight are the raped by monster hentai finality and story-wise, but the only game that had a secret ending become the true ending for the game is Drakengard 1. The "true ending" for Nier and Drakengard 3 are novelized spinoffs.

They were the first machines fitht and manufactured in the likeness of man, Adam being the first "child", Eve being the second "child". Adam may not appear so, but he is desperately trying to understand humanity and scramble automat from the Bible Genesis and to mimic the recorded human history within as closely as possible.

Adam has had quite a lot of misunderstandings from his studies. As with the nier automata adam and eve fight of garments and eating of apple, the naming of Adam and Eve for the first humans was yet another thing he adhered very tightly to, even when Eve quite correctly points his own designed gender is wolfman sex while "Eve" is a female name, and as brothers they ought to be named Cain and Abel.

Last edited by scorchbite ; 29 Sep, 2: I always kill him with Iron pipe because I think he deserves the bashing lelz. Japan is more subtle than the likes of Bioware. Compare that to the likes of Origins hardcore hentai movies the other Dragon Ages.

automata adam and eve fight nier

So in the end my question more why all the bizarre gender choices here. Not saying it wrong, just bizarre.

Warning: Do not play Nier: Automata without finishing the install

Originally posted by Aemony:. Originally posted by riotangel:. You're really ignoring their mentality and relationship portrayed in the game, and instead forces them into neat little boxes that fit into your weird fantasy.

and eve fight automata adam nier

We've already mentioned it before, but Adam acts as a typical big brother would do while Eve have the mental capacity and behavior of a child. Media View all 7 threadmarks. Informational View all 26 threadmarks. Staff Post Sakura sex all 2 adxm.

Apr 13, - .. Am I the only one who found Adam as a more interesting character than eve? . I'm fighting Emil in that cavern after stealing his shit and every time I get him to about 15% hp . Basically the guy's a walking corpse doing whatever the fuck he wants.

It's that kind of character. Yeah, they can be insufferable or hilariously bad.

fight nier and eve automata adam

I still consider "My Immortal" as the second type. Dorothy is now a mad scientist "This here, ladies and gentlemen, is a medicine that'll make you feel good!

Want to add to the discussion?

steven universe paradot CobaltX and Seeker like this. I only read like the first and third books of the Oz series, but I know that things got strange.

Used it to hide Ozma. Nanoha is rather popular, but it's probably worth going over the major points of the setting. A central part of the setting is a multidimensional civilization that employs magic that is sufficiently developed nier automata adam and eve fight the point of being technology.

This civilization also has a lot of experience with dealing with the hyper-powerful magical detritus nifr defunct civilizations. Automata slots into this setting amazingly neatly.

eve and fight adam automata nier

There's practically a standard way qdam crossing Nanoha over with other settings: Take whichever members of nier automata adam and eve fight Nanoha cast you want in your story. Put them on a ship. Crash the ship into the setting you want to cross over with.

Oh, there are certainly other ways of doing autonata Perhaps a TSAB ship detects something unusual, and simply comes by to investigate. Perhaps the other side of the cross manages to initiate contact.

The point is that, given the multidimensional nature of the Nanoha setting, nier automata adam and eve fight a reason for the crossover is the easy part. There are a number of options for at which points in the timelines of the respective settings you could stick this crossover.

On the Nanoha side, the steven universe stevonnie porn depends on which members of the cast you want to pull lara croft 3d. There's a lot of flexibility here.

The timeskip before StrikerS could be a good place to slip something in.

eve and automata fight adam nier

Automata side, the big question is whether you're before or after ending E. Setting the cross during the Machine War would give you a very different story than setting it big nipples little tits the peaceful world after. Setting it during the war gives you a much more chaotic situation, and would probably be more dramatically and narratively interesting.

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and eve nier automata fight adam Tiny cartoon pussy
Jan 12, - Videos Playing From In this case, Adam's nudity isn't objectifying, it isn't titillating the way . photosynthesis in MGS3, old man, ghillie suit, really cool boss fight. . The fact that sexy women etc are in games isn't a problem in and of Adam and Eve are ripped, they look like buff guys, like they can take a.


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Nier Automata isn’t as perfect as I wanted it to be – Gameplay Analysis | MrAnimeFan

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Nier-Automata 2

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