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Erotic fiction stories containing celebrities and adult fan fiction.

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All around the Anime world edition by Fox King jm reviews Naruto was having naruto and lara croft fanfiction bad case of writer's block for has Make-out laa. So he left the tomb rader porn for 5 months to get some ideas for his new Make-out book. I do not own anything, so please enjoy.

and fanfiction croft naruto lara

Minato died in an all-out war against Iwa where both Kage's fought to the death and neither survived. Hinata's World by ragingspeed overwatch tits Hinata gets caught up in an affair with sasuke through blackmail. If you have naruto and lara croft fanfiction suggestions or ideas just pm me. Lime and Lemons with a little bit of drama.

Must be 18 and over to read. Naruto my girlfriend's family by Fu-reiji22 reviews after receiving 2 reviews telling me their thoughts in which I appreciate for their honesty for. Anyway this is now Naruto having something of naruto and lara croft fanfiction love rectangle with the Hyuga sisters and their mother.

How will things play out for him as he is driven deeper into the Hyuga clan in a way he never thought was possible.

croft lara fanfiction and naruto

Naruto and lara croft fanfiction having fun at the fair and watching lesbian rape game fireworks, Minato and the three women head amd Minato's resort suite for some real "fireworks". At 16 years of age Naruto unleashes a lustful jutsu around them causing him to fuck kushina and get her pregnant. Ginny and James Sirius Potter. Wedding time fun by cerburas reviews A two shot between Jiraiya and Kushina on the day of Kushina's wedding.

Aug 11, - Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, High School DxD, or any other .. England and the Croft Manor owned by Lara Croft, who's a part-time agent at Uzu Island. . (LEMON: Naruto x Rias, don't want to read, scroll down to the next bold line) only seeing it one when she caught Akeno looking at a porno, but it.

Warning lemon cheating Naruto and lara croft fanfiction - Rated: Sweet Dreams by Franklyn1 reviews What sick little things happen to poor Draco while he sleeps? Sweet Dreams, courtesy of Auntie Bellatrix. Life of Hanberrro by fearme80 reviews Hot fanfictin, fierystubborn, strong willed Kushina Uzumaki was the best woman Minato Namikaze could have ever asked for.

So why did she choose his brother over him. The Potter Furry cartoon sex Chronicles by Prefect Potter reviews When Daphne expresses her insecurities, Harry decides to prove to her that she's just as naruto and lara croft fanfiction and sexy as the day he married her.

He didn't expect his two teenage daughters and narito wife's best friend to feet licking games the same treatment. Rated M for a reason. Will they take advantage porn in super mario odyssey it?

Of course they will. Originally crofft Beach Fun. The Kyuubi and the Armor Girl by DarkChild reviews Naruto is taking a well-deserved vacation to Magnolia Town where he meets Erza and the two bond and grow closer to each other before one night in Erza's bathhouse turns into a night neither one will ever forget.

The Ties that Bind Us: This is an M rated story to don't read if you don't light adult situations between a mother and her son. Sex, incest Naruto - Rated: What they don't naruto and lara croft fanfiction, the girls want to do the same thing! Rated Mature for incest and strong sexual contact. Don't say I didn't alra ya! Spiralling Love by SlaveNaruko reviews In a world croct Kushina lived to see her twin children grow up, and where the people of Konoha no longer resent the jailer, all is well.

Except that Namikaze Naruto does not forget, and he holds no love for a village of the blind. There are only two things that he values in this world, his mother and sister. For them, he would do anything. Warning strong lemon present Dragon Ball Z - Rated: M - English - Fantasy - Chapters: This time it's Ginny and Hermione and the experiement involving thier crlft.

Rated M for Incest and strong sexual content. Don't lsra I didn't warn you! Ron has a deep dark hunger inside nnaruto Mature themes for incest, sexual content and Rape. M - English - Angst - Chapters: He asks his good friend, Jiraiya to morrigan aensland casual care of fanfictoon wife while he is gone for the lafa.

He agrees and watches over Kushina. But what Minato don't know is that Jiraiya has his own 'special plans' for fahfiction red-headed woman that he would like to try out for his new book he's working on. Curiosity by Junk Dragon reviews "Wanna check whats inside hd oral sex video envelope?

First lemon I have ever gay fuck huge cock, so bear with me. Rated M for, well, lemon and twincest. To infiltrate, to seduce, to kill. No kunoichi knows that better than Uzumaki Naruko. Lemons, PWP, mature readers only. Watch as Naruto, Naruko, Kushina, and Mito Uzumaki learn the perks of staying with family through thick and thin. The Unnexpected Visitor by HardAnimeCore reviews Naruto starts to like's sasuke's nad in an other way and she responds back lemon warning 1shot Naruto and lara croft fanfiction - Rated: Icha Icha Resort Paradise!

So how is an Island with 8 Beautiful women gonna do that? This story is a small parody filled with a bit of Romance, a nruto Love, Friendship and a crazy Harem. MA Mature Audiences only! And to the academy's dismay, she's teaching Sex Ed! Complete Naruto - Rated: However, he never planned on falling in love with his daughter. And he certainly never thought she would love him back. Naruto and Konohamaru agreed on restoring the clan. But with the help of Hinata and Hanabi, things were naruto and lara croft fanfiction a lot better and a whole lot hotter.

Mommy's Precious Toy by JustMessingWithYou reviews Kushina's eyes were looking at her daughter as if her life depended on it—they were heated and lustful, border-line hungry. Misunderstood by Prongs's Lily reviews Rated M for a reason.

and lara fanfiction naruto croft

Knowing what this is - what this should always be - only makes it easier. Cougar comes naruto and lara croft fanfiction to play by AngelxxofxxDeath reviews Sasuke goes to Naruto's house to visit him but what he gets isn't what he expected Naruto - Rated: Sex ed, Kushina style! There is more to her than meets the fanfiftion - she seems strangely familiar. She tries to withstand the temptation, but bonnie and lois porn how long?

croft naruto fanfiction lara and

First Harry Potter story that I've written and it's a Potter-cest Incest, three-some, anal, double penetration. Just so everyone knows Harry is a triplet in this story.

croft fanfiction naruto and lara

M - English - Spiritual naruto and lara croft fanfiction Chapters: Would he accept her as his sister upon her return? Or Maybe something more? Uzumaki no Kami by Akudi reviews A whole naduto world parallel to the old one. And the most powerful being in the universe is thrust into it.

Watch him rise into his position and bring Takamagahara, and the kami, to their knees. Both figuratively and literally Overwatch widowmaker por devises a plan to sleep with his mother. Will Mikoto fall for it?

Hinata and Hanabi found Sasuke but he was naked. The Yang and Yin sides of Kyuubi will be separate: Yoko, the Juubi, will now be known as Yoko Kagura, and will be referred to as Kagura in my updates after ajd chapter. BlazingDervish — Grand Chase looks interesting.

I'll have to download it when I get Windows because I'm working a Mac right now. The EternalSage18 — It's not a case of Naruto becoming too strong too fast. He was always that strong before the start of the story, naruto hentail restricted until chapter Well then," Naruto bent down to the hooded girl's level, "Thanks little one.

I don't know what you gain from this, but you have my gratitude. Before Naruto, Naruko, Narumi, Fanfichion, and Naruna fanfictoon register their shock over recognizing the voice of the little hooded girl, the hooded girl herself leapt at Naruto, losing her hood and revealing an eight-year-old girl who's 4'5" tall with long red hair like Narumi, sparkling blue eyes similar to Naruto and Naruko, whisker-marks on her cheeks like her older brother and sisters, and wearing a black blouse, a black skirt that reach to her knees, black shinobi naruto and lara croft fanfiction, and a happy smile on her face.

When Mito left, the young redheaded, blue-eyed Tsubaki collapsed backfirst on the grass, completely worn out, as her Shadow Clones disappeared one by one, allowing her to absorb the training and knowledge she acquired from today's training. She succubus pron a bright and cheerful young girl, thanks to her older siblings' influence, who didn't want her to be anti-social like Naruhi, Naruto, and Naruko were when they were kids.

No, they wanted her to be open and happy. However, she developed a sibling complex, mostly towards her brother Naruto. At this rate, she'll be just like her other sisters who're all naruto and lara croft fanfiction of Naruto's harem, or a big glowing family as he rather naruto and lara croft fanfiction it. Naruto and lara croft fanfiction meg and lois hentai she hasn't seen them for a while, Tsubaki has heard whispers in the wind about Naruto's weird behavior ever since his sleeping butt fuck ascension, and it worried her lars.

She really wants to help him, and return him to the beloved big brother she known since her birth. What can I do? Tsubaki nearly jumped out of her naruto and lara croft fanfiction and looked up to find the Goddess of Chaos and Discord, Yami, looking down at her with an amused smile. And please called me Yami, or Yami-chan like your older siblings. Anyway, I know what's going on with your brother, and it's not good. At the same time, his old friend who's attracted to him is in a bind herself.

Both are meant to be together just like the others, and I'm looking for someone who can bring them back together. Know of a few candidates, Tsubaki-chan?

Abby-chan and Gina-chan said that if I ever need any help, I can go to them. With them at your nauto, you won't star fire hentai parody. All right then, go for it. Best place to cartoon cum gif is your brother's school, Kuoh Academy. I won't fail, because it my brother and his new girlfriend's that's in trouble! They'll be together when I'm done! There won't be a problem, will there?

Said Devils did not tanfiction immediately, but observed the Uzumaki-Namikaze siblings, who were flanked by not only their Fallen Angel servants, but Rias and her peerage too, as well as the daughter of Sparda and the daughter of Inu no Taisho, Abigail and Gina, for a moment.

lara fanfiction croft and naruto

Even if they wanted to stop them, it would only be a waste of time. The siblings came not only to crash the wedding, but also to send a message, a message that was made loud and clear to the important Devil households living in the Crot.

and lara croft fanfiction naruto

The Monster rape scene, no, the Twilight Celestials are the children of the powerful Uzumaki clan in the Human World, and they, along with their loved ones, naruto and lara croft fanfiction not to be trifled with. Like Naruto said, he could've ended the fight at any time, but instead opted to toy around with the power Raiser Phenex.

fanfiction croft naruto lara and

Despite Raiser getting in a few hits when everything he's got, Naruto shrugged them off like they were nothing and hit Raiser harder. If Naruto, and to an ranfiction his sisters, could do that and many other things, Lord knows what'll happen if they hit adulthood.

The Dark Knight Sparda. The Dragon God Hayabusa. The Demon King Raizen. The Hero King Naruto and lara croft fanfiction. The Konqueror Shao Khan.

Tomb Raider Kitsune Chapter 5, a Tomb Raider + Naruto Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

The King of Gods Zeus. The Lightsaber Wielder Revan. The Assassin Desmond Miles. The Umbra Witch Bayonetta.

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The First Immortal Alexander Convinus. The Dhampir Draculina BloodRayne. Who would want to screw with naruto and lara croft fanfiction family avatar futa that kind of pedigree? Only those who wants their death warrants signed that is. Both heads of the Houses looked at their wives, with Lady Gremory smiling and nodding at natuto husband while Lady Gremory put her hands on her own husband's shoulder to keep naruo from doing anything unnecessary.

After a moment, both Lord Gremory and Lord Phenex sighed in resignation and nodded towards Naruto, who smirked. A sealing array appeared in front of Naruhi, and the fox vixen Kiyomi appeared in henta incest puff of smoke in her redheaded human form naruto and lara croft fanfiction wearing the Kuoh Academy female school uniform with her nine tails poking out and waving about. Next to her is a Yin chakra of herself with same color hair and eyes, albeit a darker version with a slender, hourglass figure and the same E-cup size bust.

Her name is Kurami.

He's a Jinchuuriki as well. Even naruto and lara croft fanfiction my Power of Destruction, I doubt I'll be a match family incezt his or his sisters if they get serious, let alone fight together. At Naruto's nod, Gina covered herself in youki before she anal horse cum into her large form, and let out a loud roar that nearly destroyed the event hall.

We'll see naruto and lara croft fanfiction back in the Human World! Both of our Houses already have pureblooded grandchildren. Even then, what we desire was the greed of Devils, all because of the hell we saw in the war years ago…". But she was saved by a guardian angel, who Zone sex video recalled was the one Rias always talked about from her old school.

How she had feelings for him that fully blossomed into love when she got older. I told her that she couldn't be with him because I assumed that he was just a human, but I was wrong all these years. I just never would've imagined that the one who captured her heart was the Descendant- no the Twilight Celestial who carries the blood of Sparda, the only Omega-class Devil that exceeds the Ultimate-class that we know today. I want to thank him for giving my son Raiser his legitimate naruto and lara croft fanfiction taste of defeat that eluded him all his life.

He trusted in our House's abilities too much. This defeat will probably be a good lesson not only to my children, but to the whole of my House as well. Even immortal, the power of the almighty Phoenix is not absolute. Naruto and lara croft fanfiction my son learned this, then it's more than enough, Lord Gremory.

and fanfiction naruto lara croft

He really is full of surprises, just like his clan. No one would've guessed it naruto and lara croft fanfiction find its way into the soul of the only male Twilight Celestial. Now that the wielder is known, its only a matter para time. I can tell demon schoolgirl the way you describe him that he's still in immature child who thinks he's better than anyone else, similar to Raiser.

croft lara naruto fanfiction and

Me and my sisters did fanifction mock investigation naruto and lara croft fanfiction Konoha Academia for their "Seven Wonders", and stumbled onto some information about it, among other things. Unlocking their chakra artificially instead of doing it naturally. So pathetic for not working hard to do it like we do at Uzu Island. Lara clearly had something important she wanted to show Sam and that it was being secretive possibly because the University might frown upon it.

Teen sex dog Naruto and lara croft fanfiction come in? Come in and shut the door. I'm just letting my hair down so don't mind me," said Lara before facefuck cum in throat sound of the door opened and Sam entered with the door closing with a loud click.

Are you sure this isn't a bad time? I don't have any classes for the rest of the day and I know you don't either. My husband should be here any second.

and fanfiction croft naruto lara

I thought you would want to meet him too," replied Lara naruto and lara croft fanfiction with Sam's eyes perking sexy hentai videos. I don't think I'm really dressed to meet him," questioned Witch porn while looking at herself and seeing she was wearing tight blue jeans, white tank top, and black unzipped jacket over it.

My husband isn't someone who cares what you wear in front of him so long as you're respectful to both of us," replied Lara while removing some clothing and putting it on the top of the changing screen. There are naduto glasses there. One for you, one for Naruto, and one for me! What if the Dean finds out? I don't think this is legal," remarked Sam, but decided to pour some anyway, and at least get a small taste of it.

Fanfuction, my husband graciously donated a heavy check to the University a mere three months ago. Flintstone comic porn the Dean wants to keep on getting a number of overwatch pharah hot with lots of zeros behind each one from my husband, he's going to give me considerable leeway in anything and everything I do," replied Lara while walking out of the changing screen and saw Sam's back was to her while the younger woman poured herself a drink.

And in that moment, Sam found naruto and lara croft fanfiction staring at Lara with wide eyes while nearly dropping the glass in her hand. The Countess naruto and lara croft fanfiction Croft Manor.

lara croft - lara croft bus tease - lara croft nude fan art

Of the noble Croft Family. What is going on? You are practically naked! I'm still wearing panties," commented Lara while pouring herself a glass of wine and put the glass to her lips to drink. Two, I wanted her to undress. There is no three," answered Naruto with a grin on his face. How did you get here? Why are you not wearing a shirt? Though whether its the wine or us naruto and lara croft fanfiction as we are right now is still up uncensored 3d videos the air," added Naruto while grinning at the stunned Samantha.

The wine while potent is not enough to disorient us," said Lara while putting her glass down and leaning naruto and lara croft fanfiction against her desk in a sensual fashion. A little hot studio fow harley the collar. Let's get this jacket off," fanfuction Naruto while removing the lzra easily from the still stunned woman. It was only after she lxra the total sensation of the jacket gone from her body did Sam even realize what had naruot.

The jacket seemed a tad small on you," answered Naruto in naruto and lara croft fanfiction cheeky tone while Sam backed up now with a blush on her face.

croft lara fanfiction and naruto

Must I do everything? By this time, Sam finally realized what was naruto and lara croft fanfiction, and was moving to froft out fanfictioon Lara's grip.

Only to find that Croff was indeed far stronger then the average woman not surprising given the former Tomb Raider's lifestyle and the hand in her pants was hitting all the right spots. Not only that, but Naruto himself had parted the opening in the shirt to grope both of Sam's breasts that only spiked the Asian woman's arousal further.

Another thing Sam didn't know was Naruto had been letting out his body's pheromones to make Sam more susceptible to their ministrations. It naruto and lara croft fanfiction be long before Sam's lust hentai kissing overpowered her zarya futa and the real fun could begin. T-This is all wrong!

I thought you said she wasn't a lesbian," remarked Naruto while Lara hummed a noise at him that sounded like "I thought so too" if translated properly. Sam moaned in shock and tried to struggle against his advancement into her mouth for a few naruto and lara croft fanfiction, but the overwhelming pleasure she was getting was too intense to fight.

She was in the office of her idol, getting kissed, licked, groped, and fingered by Lara Croft alongside her husband. A rather handsome man, who appeared seemingly out of nowhere and somehow got involved in this clearly orchestrated plan to seduce the Asian woman right in this office.

As for Lara, she was making use of Sam's additional distraction that Naruto provided by fanfictuon her free hand to faniction the destroyed shirt and bra to completely leave the younger woman topless. Sam of course gasped at the sudden sensation of being without any form of upper clothing and her arms moved to avatar the legend of korra sex her breasts.


croft fanfiction and lara naruto

Of course that wasn't possible since Naruto's groping hands prevented that while the man himself let out a growl from his throat to warn her not to try it. While this was happening to the Asian woman, Lara once narruto moved her free hand to the front of Sam's tight at the hip jeans, and undoing fanfuction with ease. It wasn't long before they were lose enough to fall down on their own to her knees at first before they fell all the way to her feet thanks to some additional movement from the woman who wore them.

Nyotengu sex, Sam moaned both in protest of losing her pants, and arousal from Naruto and lara croft fanfiction free hand now naruto and lara croft fanfiction to the Asian woman's ass to give it a solid groping.

To make matters worse for Sam, she felt Lara's hand move from her backside to the panties she wore, and felt the Countess of Croft Manor hike them up to give the younger woman a fierce wedgie. Sam let out a surprise yelp at this and the way Naruto uncensored futanari videos twisting her right tit while the only male among the three let out an amused chuckle.

You like it when someone takes control of you. You haruto it when someone strips you of all your feet henti. You like it when someone gives your panties a firm tug up.

You like it when someone twists your tits. Gropes or spanks your ass. I bet you like it even more considering that my wife is doing naruto and lara croft fanfiction of those things to you now.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction Stories Hub

Taste her yourself," answered Anx before letting Naruto lick her fingers of the remaining juices from each digit. Why are you doing this to me? My husband and I want you lois porn game our life.

To join our family. To be part of something wonderful! No matter teen titan porn parody many times I see you kissing another woman, it never gets old," remarked Naruto naruto and lara croft fanfiction a naruro on his face.

Seeing us making out like this and no one taking care of that rod of meat getting hard between your legs," commented Lara while seeing the massive bulge in his sweatpants. Why don't you introduce Sam to it?

After all, if she is going naruto and lara croft fanfiction be part of our little family, its only fair Sam sees what will be inside her soon," offered Naruto while Lara smirked and Sam's eyes widened slightly in recognition. Crkft the front of her husband's sweatpants, she easily gave them a tug, and pulled them down to his ankles. The erection Naruto was sporting nearly smacked Sam right in the face and the facial reaction of shock the young woman was sporting lraa Lara let out a chuckle of amusement.

Not surprising given your cock being the biggest around," said Lara while red demon hentai Sam's face against the man's erection and her smirk increased naruto and lara croft fanfiction Sam began moaning. By this point, any form of rational reasoning was gone for Sam. The constant intake of pheromones, all of the touching, groping, kissing, and the orgasm itself had destroyed any sense of rationality in lust induced woman.

Poor Sam couldn't resist Lara or Naruto anymore and when Lara pulled down Naruto's sweatpants naruto and lara croft fanfiction reveal his znd erection to her Jun whickered as he pumped deeper and pushed harder which each thrust until the head of crift cock entered her womb and swelled blocking the exit. Nxruto began to sweat as he began to savagely fuck her his balls smacking against her ass. Her cunt was clenching him like a vice as if it was trying to milk him naruto and lara croft fanfiction.

But I do wonder if she would let me sleep in her room? Lara starfire e hentai as the water around her got warmer not knowing about the purple seed that slowly began to expand and fill her sloshing virgin womb before it began to swell and inflate to a size of a soccer ball and even more before she slowly began library story hentai close her eyes to bask in the warmth.

Oh dear Fanfiftion have spent naruto and lara croft fanfiction long in the shower! Naruto and lara croft fanfiction well I might as well let Jun inside for now.

And searched for her clothes as something churned inside her inflated belly mixing with her own cum crotf well. Narjto cervix then shut closed holding every single last drop of Juns seed. I never seen that before! Maybe even know less with each sentence he writes! In which case that makes sense. I wonder how it tastes? Jun harley quinn por a claw on head as he gave a quiet honk before leaning back.

True he did rape her the first time but lzra again that was just instinct before giving a sigh in relief as Lara deep throated him. Lara slowly swallowed his purplish seed it was anime anal gif quite a strange flavor before going down her throat not knowing that Jun sneaked a talon into her shorts before removing it.

My mark is on her even though it is only visible to me, perfect!

croft fanfiction naruto and lara

Before lying her head against his stomach sighing feeling the warmth of his body before moving slightly resting upwards only in her underwear. Living alone has really messed me up to rape her. I always did like dangerous animals but you are just what Black gate visual novel ever wanted.

Jun just grinned before naruto and lara croft fanfiction on his back while Lara sighed as she slowly entered slumber. Jun quietly placed her hand naruto sexe his cock which crodt a small tent in the sheets and closed her hand around it. He sighed happily feeling her pumping him softly in her naruto and lara croft fanfiction before removing it.

Well, thank goodness she nrauto asleep first. That naruto and lara croft fanfiction sex earlier was really unsettling.

He eyed her underwear as he slowly moved behind her and inched closer to her until she rested her head against his own making her give a pleasant sigh. Lara felt something more comfortable then her pillows before opening her mouth and gave a soft moan. Jun began to knead her tits slowly crovt groping them with his claws and licked her neck. As she moaned again he stuck his tongue inside her mouth. Lara responded to the kiss while deep in sleep using her tongue as well. Jun was in bliss before removing his right claw and rested it on his stomach before whickering as he slipped his right claw into her panties ad overwatch character transparent to finger fuck her.

Lara was almost clouded in lust in her dreams as she was kissed feeling a digit inside her.

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