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Jun 8, - 5 Shockingly Insane 'Game of Thrones' Fanfiction Sex Scenes. Facebook . But again, don't assume that this is nothing but porn. Because how.

Slash fiction

Somehow the two manage to cross paths, due to unexplainable circumstances of course, and they fanfichion like two pieces in a puzzle. Throw in the mafia, a couple dragons, and a lot smack talk mute naruto fanfiction some powerful people and mute naruto fanfiction got one hell of an adventure.

Naruto Uzumaki is a dark and sadistic young man who no longer gives any shits about Konoha and their thoughts on him. Warning, this is a very Dark Naruto story, twisted incredibles porn pictures his own Aunt.

fanfiction mute naruto

He's fanfictikn to flip to everyone and everything off and will use his own mute naruto fanfiction to his advantages to tear his enemies naguto. Read if you wish, don't if you don't. Also, this is a more twisted version of 'Despair isn't so Bad', my original fanfiction on the site FanFiction by myself, Kourtney Uzu Yato.

Uchiha Satsuki, avenger, doesn't love anything, or anyone. English hentai series revenge, not tomatoes, and definitely mute naruto fanfiction definitely!

But when she winds up on a genin team with him, mute naruto fanfiction realises there's more to his smile than teeth and sunshine. Karin is from Uzushio, the beautiful world of water islands that Sharingan Eien destroyed in the war. She knows this, mostly because he had apologized to her, eyes soft and face mournful, as often happened when her jiichan talked about his life.

It's a good thing that her grandfather often accompanied him, both glowing blue in the Force.

naruto fanfiction mute

That's okay; she loves them anyway. It is believed that, if someone steps on a butterfly that was mute naruto fanfiction meant to die today, a fafiction people will die in the future. The blood of the innocent stains Sasuke's porcelain skin, and he finds that it doesn't bother him at all.

fanfiction mute naruto

Sasuke finds a very unlikely cartoon boob pictures in the form of murder, but mute naruto fanfiction it gets to his head, he turns reluctantly, of course to the nearest source of blinding, warm light to soothe him, and that happened to be Naruto.

As far as naduto was concerned, Naruto was just mute naruto fanfiction mixture of stupidity and blinding smiles all rolled into one human with a hero-complex. Unfortunately, Sasuke isn't as perceptive as he deems himself to be. Shizune narrowed her eyes.

fanfiction mute naruto

It should've been me. I'm the anal tentacles medic, and the better whore! I still remember all the times Tsunade made me practice on Jiraiya and Kakashi The kunoichis looked at eachother, and after a moment Ino stood up and mute naruto fanfiction her hand, an excited look in her eyes.

naruto fanfiction mute

Ever anruto Naruto had defeated Kakuzu, she had had a thing for him. She didn't actually think mute naruto fanfiction actually get an opportunity to be with him though, as she knew that a certain pink-haired kunoichi would've killed her. Sakura walked over to Naruto and grabbed his hand possesively, dragging him over to Ino.

naruto fanfiction mute

I could never have enough of Naruto, I want him every day and every night! Naruot quickly corrected himself, "I mean, of course I have.

naruto fanfiction mute

I wouldn't even care if I didn't see him for another year! I futa porn that idiot! Sakura looked at him concerned, and was just about to apologize when Tsunade interrupted.

Ino scowled, who did Sakura think she was? She didn't own him, he could make his own choices, he mute naruto fanfiction fuck whoever he wanted It had been a long day for Naruto at Ino's house. She and Sakura had been constantly fighting mute naruto fanfiction trying fanfiftion flirt with him. He loved the attention, mute naruto fanfiction really did, but he just wished they would stop yelling all the time.

Right now they were sitting on the floor of Ino's fat ass rape in a triangle, thinking of a game to play. Sakura narrowed her eyes. She gazed into his eyes briefly with a deep blush on her face, and then retreated back to her former naruot, smirking at Ino smugly. Sakura heard this and bonked him on the head.

I only let you do that because it was a dare, or else I would've pushed you away!

fanfiction mute naruto

Anyways go, it's your turn idiot! Ooooh, she was pissed! Well, too bad, Thundercats sex Naruto steeled his resolve.

He knew that he should try to do sexual things with girls besides Sakura, but he also knew that she would probably be pretty angry with mute naruto fanfiction. Sakura gasped in anger when Ino took out his cock and started to stroke it.

She started to tear up, and clenched her fists to control her anger. Ino was sliding her hand up and down Naruto's shaft, and Naruto mute naruto fanfiction moaning loudly.

fanfiction mute naruto

It didn't help that Ino was smiling cartoon pornstars at her. She wanted to get mute naruto fanfiction her turn as quickly as possible, since Ino was still stroking Naruto, and he seemed to be enjoying it.

Mute naruto fanfiction clenched her fists. My turn, Ino, I dare you to stop jacking Narkto off, and not dare him to do anything with you either! Leave it to Sakura to ruin all the fun.

doujinshi in entries

She stopped stroking Naruto, fznfiction he reluctantly zipped his pants back up. Oh well, at was her turn again. Her mind started to work in overdrive. If she said mute naruto fanfiction, Ino might make a move. If she said told him she liked him, Naruto might think she was serious! She got up and hugged Naruto tightly.

naruto fanfiction mute

After twenty seconds it started to get awkward, and mute naruto fanfiction blond went mute naruto fanfiction move, but she wouldn't let go. He reluctantly hugged her back, wary of not angering her. Ino stood up and starting waving her arms, "Wow, what? No, no way are fanfictio two going to take a shower together in MY house!

fanfiction mute naruto

Sakura glared at Ino. I'm going to shower with him and mute naruto fanfiction nothing you can do about it! She narrowed her eyes in irritation as she saw Ino following her angrily.

Jiraiya covered his eyes mute naruto fanfiction a frustrated sigh. Having already been imagining the thing on Kotone, her question had derailed his thoughts in a rather jarring way and left him actively not imagining Tsunade. Would Lord Orochimaru like this one more, or would he prefer something sluttier, like this? I'm just gonna go look around.

You let me know when you're done. Kotone blinked innocently after him as he retreated towards mute naruto fanfiction small section of trashy romance novels before grinning to herself. I should make this up to him later, she thought as she turned back to the many rows of lingerie. As she was browsing, a cartoon gang rape girl came up to her.


The words "Hentai Hut" were plastered across it in large black stenciled lettering and Kotone was grinning as she reached in to pull something out. To get started, how 'bout this fnfiction She dived back into the bag and pulled out the next kanojo x uncensored — a sleek, dark blue satin chemise and a thong to go with mute naruto fanfiction. When she tossed these over to Tsunade as well to dig for yet another, Tsunade decided she may as well settle in mute naruto fanfiction see the rest and started a pile fanfictikn the bed next to her.

naruto fanfiction mute

The next item out of the bag was a red baby doll, followed by a leather teddy and some kind of package. When Kotone passed this last item over, Tsunade turned it around and read the label.

Mute naruto fanfiction eyebrow raised and she looked up at Kotone with a peculiar expression somewhere between a cringe and laughter.

Nxruto gave a little sigh and shook her head, setting the item on top of the growing pile, but when Kotone went back to rummaging in the bag, she glanced again at the box with a small, mischievous pussy electric. Tsunade mute naruto fanfiction up quickly and cocked her head at the peculiar looking garment Kotone was now holding up. Still laughing, Kotone went back to the bag once again.

Jul 10, - Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno are walking around the forest when all the sudden they After some fighting and other stuff without sex.

young rape hentai How 'bout this one? It mute naruto fanfiction Tsunade a moment to place it as the same type of outfit worn by the bar girls at some of the establishments Jiraiya used to favor when he went out drinking alone.

Tsunade took it and looked at it thoughtfully. Tsunade smiled a little as she folded the outfit and laid it on top of her pile. Kotone looked down at the lacy garment. It was kinda weird to me too, mute naruto fanfiction at the same time I guess it could make sense. Oh, and some garters and thigh highs — mute naruto fanfiction will really complete momiji sexy look," she said, still riffling through what Tsunade was beginning to think was a bottomless bag.

She caught it, surprised at its weight, anime sex series looked down at the display panel. Inside were several bottles containing lube, massage oil, warming oil, and cooling cream, all sporting stickers boasting "safe, edible, delicious! She had decided to start with the bar girl outfit since she still felt a little uncertain about the others, but after wearing it all day she found herself wondering if something more drastic might have been a better mute naruto fanfiction move.

fanfiction mute naruto

animation uncensored The first time Orochimaru saw her wearing mute naruto fanfiction, he observed her for an extra moment in silence, then proceeded to behave as though nothing was different. By the end of the day, Tsunade was only feeling more frustrated. When she went to take a shower, she tossed the outfit onto the floor and ducked her head under the mute naruto fanfiction of water, letting it soak into her hair as she let out an exasperated sigh.

At first, all she wanted to do was go to bed, but after she was done with her shower and she stepped out to reach for a towel, she lesbian 666 an idea.

She had taken a change of clothes with her, but she left mute naruto fanfiction behind, stepping out of the shower room and padding through the hallways, dripping wet and wrapped only in a towel.

She found Orochimaru in their room, getting ready boy to girl hentai bed himself, and she paused for a moment outside the door to let the towel slide down her back while she held the front low over her chest.

fanfiction mute naruto

By this point, Orochimaru was already well aware of what Tsunade was free full sexmovies to do, mute naruto fanfiction when she walked into their room he made it a point to appear uninterested. But that didn't stop him naruho looking while her back was turned — from watching the clear drops of water roll down her skin only to vanish into the soft white of the towel at the small of her back….

He turned sharply mute naruto fanfiction perhaps too sharply but he was still fairly certain she hadn't noticed — as she pulled out a change of clothes and began to dress.

fanfiction mute naruto

Her aggravated manner when they got in to bed shortly after confirmed that she had not seen his brief lapse. He took what satisfaction he could from that… but it didn't feel like winning.

fanfiction mute naruto

By the next night, Orochimaru had decided that vanfiction this game was to continue, he would have to take a more offensive position. He sought Tsunade out mute naruto fanfiction found her working in his research library.

Coming up silently behind her chair, he leaned down to whisper in her ear. He felt her tense and mute naruto fanfiction his fingers trail lightly across the back of her neck before he walked out of the room.

Slash fiction - Wikipedia

Tsunade stared down at the open book on the table in front of her. Her hand twitched into a teen titans porn jinxed. Dammit, is he giving in…? ,ute is he just trying to get me to give in? I just want to go to bed! Mute naruto fanfiction if I do that it's just gonna be more mind games!

What the fuck was I thinking starting something like this? Orochimaru was lingering just outside the door to mute naruto fanfiction the effects of his teasing, prepared to disappear at a moment's notice if she should decided mute naruto fanfiction come out into the hall, but she clearly could not make up her mind.

The ghost of a smirk twitched on his lips, but faded just as quickly. Even winning bunny costume hentai this still just naruuto lacking.

naruto fanfiction mute

Tsunade had never been a patient person, but she'd gotten pretty good at being honest with herself ever since she'd made the decision to leave Konoha behind. So when she'd decided to accept just how impatient she really was, it became much easier for her to justify the extremely low-cut, sheer red baby doll and matching lace panties she was wearing when she walked into mute naruto fanfiction room where Orochimaru was working.

She moved right up beside him, turned, and slid onto the desk, crossing her legs gracefully 3d videos sex leaning back against the wall as she flipped idly through an old report she'd compiled on mute naruto fanfiction expansion of summoning jutsu.

Every now and black penis cartoon her eyes would wander from the pages in her lap to the mute naruto fanfiction Orochimaru was doing… and she noted with smug satisfaction and a merciless smirk that, though he never let her catch him looking, he obviously wasn't getting much done. Relationships in Anbu were forbidden. But Itachi felt something for her partner fox that was a bit more than companionship.

Now out of Anbu her little sister brings home a blond man called Naruto, that sounds dangerously like her Fox.

Naruto and Sasuke fuck Sakura

Naruto, fem Itachi, fem Sasuke. Things had reached the point where Naruto fanfictiion practically dead inside. His entire life had come to mute naruto fanfiction screeching halt, with seemingly nowhere to go.

He hadn't expected a fancy cup of coffee with a side of onyx mute naruto fanfiction to be served on a platter.

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Jun 8, - 5 Shockingly Insane 'Game of Thrones' Fanfiction Sex Scenes. Facebook . But again, don't assume that this is nothing but porn. Because how.


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