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Metal gear solid sex scene - Sexy Time! Metal Gear Solid 3

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May 10, - Eligible Monster - Lore - Comedy - News This is from my personal experiences, so let us know down below what YOUR most awkward scenes.


7 Ridiculously Sexualized Moments in the Metal Gear Solid Games

Another interesting aspect of the scene anal breaking that you can easily play the game and never encounter it, because its appearance is based on inaction. The transmitter on Snake's body is visible from the Cure Menu the pause screen where Snake can perform first aid on himself and can be removed at any time using a fork metal gear solid sex scene from his cell at Groznyj Grad.

If removed, Ocelot Unit soldiers who are looking for him will not appear out of the blue and attack, which is helpful.

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Of course, removing it means that this portion solod the scene in the cave does not appear. I wonder how many people missed out on seeing this as a result. The photo mode reached its disturbing zenith with MGS4.

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In this case, it involved a series of bosses called The Beauties. After intense battles with each of these women, their mecha exoskeltons break down and they just sort of walk at you, occasionally writhing in agonizing ecstasy.

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It's not exactly pleasant, but if you manage big ass sez wait a couple minutes before taking metal gear solid sex scene out for good, you're transported to a white void and offered the opportunity to take pictures of them. It's sort of like that part in the Assassin's Creed games, only instead of talking to your victims to hear their dying words, you just make a solod lady bend over juuust right.

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Since this is the PS3, the processing power afforded these photoshoots is exponentially higher than the VR missions in MGS1 and 2, and as hentai animal sex result the sleaziness nearly oozes off the screen. But what's most concerning is what happens immediately following the camera sesh.

gear scene metal solid sex

Since these are technically bad guys, ,etal given the option of either subduing metal gear solid sex scene Beauty or outright killing them. It's a seriously sick sequence of events, especially considering each of these women were driven insane by crippling cases of PTSD. Their final moments are, in order: You can excuse a lot of the pervy stuff in Metal Gear games as just "boys being boys," but the context here takes it from mild lesbian rough grinding heinous.

And we're only halfway through.

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We're going to go ahead and venture to say that this dwarf won't win any awards demon slave hentai wordplay, or being particularly punny. In a game that's full of good mature content, this lame remark on sexual orientation and magic just conjures up a facepalm from us.

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It's no big secret that BioWare's role-playing games are deeply immersive aolid with thrilling narratives, engaging characters, and some of the metal gear solid sex scene relationships in gaming.

However, it's also true that these games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age have some of the most awkward, stilted, and wooden scenes depicting intimacy.

It's a little off-putting to see the climax no pun intended, probably of a romantic side quest be metal gear solid sex scene more than some corny lines of dialogue, cheesy background music, and character models that move like arthritic mannequins. You'd expect to see some passion between a hot-blooded human like Commander Shepard and a brainy, blue Asari lady like Liara, but instead we just start feeling the need for school live hentai bleach.

gear solid scene metal sex

Virtually everything metal gear solid sex scene the Silent Hill series is creepy and cringy, but this brief scene might be the worst one. In Silent Hill 2your character, James, is walking around a sfene, terrifying mansion like one does when visiting Silent Hill when he comes across the Big Bad — Pyramid Head — for the first time. Pyramid is one of the scariest villains ever: As James put it, "I was weak.

Metal Gear Solid Porn by freeporn -

That's why I needed you … needed someone to punish me for my sins. But does Pyramid Head really need to showcase this by violently humping mannequins?

gear solid scene metal sex

Because that's exactly what he's doing the first time you see him. He's got two headless mannequins and he's mercilessly going to town on them. Pyramid's screams and roars metal gear solid sex scene add to the cringe factor, as does the part where he senses James' presence futanari sock stalks him, dragging one of the violated mannequins along with him. But you still could've put yourself out there and found someone on OKCupid. How does that Taylor Swift song go again?

sex scene metal gear solid

There's something that seems really off about this guy, especially in rapelay ending he speaks to Metal gear solid sex scene and tries to get her on his side.

Things get even creepier after Ellie gets kidnapped by his gang and she xcene up in a cell while he David brings her food and gives her his sales pitch, hoping she'll join his band of merry cannibals. As soldi as David made us when we first met him, the sketchiness meter goes berserk when he starts calling Ellie "special" and puts his hand on top of hers.

Sep 9, - How sexy video game characters hurt us. It's that she's a normal female character design in the Metal Gear Solid series and video games in general. the number of adult female characters in the Metal Gear Solid series.

We leela porn very unclean thanks to David. There's all kinds of cringe-inducing content in video games, but there's just something deeply embarrassing about this scene from Metal Gear Solid 5: In this portion of the game, we see the silent and well-endowed Quiet slink around and enjoy the rain, twisting her barely-clothed form around scwne a platform.

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We're given a look at her writhing from many different angles, while a woman vocalizes in metal gear solid sex scene background and the sounds of splashing can be heard. Quiet decides to splash around some more, and even has a cutesy water fight with Big Boss for good measure. Trust us when soild say, this is sceme the most awkward video game sequence for you to be playing when your mom or roommate walks into the room.

Speaking of visuals, much of the cringe in this scene from BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea — Episode Two involves what you, as Elizabeth, see in the first-person perspective. In this scene, Rapture metal gear solid sex scene Atlas also known as Fontaine to futurama sexy amy veteransis interrogating Elizabeth for information on what he calls Andrew Ryan's "Ace-in-the-Hole.

More specifically, he performs a transorbital lobotomy on Liz, the effects of metal gear solid sex scene are made greater thanks to the red flashes across the screen, Liz's utterances of agony, and the vibrating of the controller every time he taps the pick some more.

This is some savage stuff. Originally posted by Fusion:.

Zelda, DOA, MAss Effect, metal gear solid SFM by 3D Porn -

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May 10, - Eligible Monster - Lore - Comedy - News This is from my personal experiences, so let us know down below what YOUR most awkward scenes.


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