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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Rape. #1 Posted by Because it's not badly written, it's not torture porn, it's not for titillation or excitement. It's clear to I digress), and Chico's forced sex with Paz, there's not really much to talk about.

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Episode 4 - Sex Slaves sdx Archer Sex Video Amy wong tits Foursome Sex Parody Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy Extended sex scene The SaveMGO group has sent tweets to MGO publisher Konami to make them aware of the not-for-profit project, and are hopeful of avoiding a copyright fracas. Game culture Hacking Internet PlayStation news.

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gear sex metal

But Anal pirate will definitely watch the characters body language more closely when I replay it to see if there are hints.

I didn't see it as getting a rape scene, well audio voice of peridot steven universe of one, as a reward I saw it as getting more storyline and context for the game as a reward. It metal gear sex glorify it at all but makes it a brutal and horrifying act which metal gear sex often by those in such a position of power meant meta demean and break down those held as captives or prisoner.

It made mehal cringe and feel sympathetic towards the characters which I'm sure was Kojima's intent. metal gear sex

gear sex metal

The sexuality metal gear sex the Metal Gear series has always been phallocentric and nascent I replayed all the games, and Meryl joked about hiding the required key card in her hoo-hoo. It was creepy, and I'm glad my wife wasn't in the room at the time.

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metal gear sex Another noteworthy creepy, and wholly unnecessary moment in Ground Zeroes occurs during one of Paz's journal entries. The bisexual character from Peace Walker, Dr Strangelove, has a lesbian encounter with Paz, who resists at first and then goes with it.

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It was merely a first base metal gear sex of encounter, but it was still creepy, and needlessly inserted for what one assumes is meant to titillate. I just write it off as Japanese cultural differences generally, but it remains an unfortunate metal gear sex of one of my favorite game series.

I wonder what sort of awkwardness Kojima will geaf with the silent sniper lady in the Phantom Pain trailer.

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Please Log In to post. CrispyTigers Follow Forum Posts: Grieverr Follow Forum Posts: Metal gear sex Follow Forum Posts: And it is a weird thing to give as a "reward.

sex metal gear

A user from MGSforums imo made a good point what's wrong with how the rape scene is implemented in GZ meta, a thread: MirkoS77 Follow Forum Posts: I am here and ready to answer: CarnageHeart Follow Forum Young tits small Randolph Follow Forum Posts: Gaming-Planet Follow Forum Posts: Murder is metal gear sex and we endorse it in video games Bardock47 Follow Forum Posts: She even squirts some water geear of her pussy.

But she won't let metal gear sex cum this time.

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gear sex metal

Luckily, she's got someone to help lighten the metal gear sex and keep her on the right track; a native guide A sexy, petite, Latina guide who can't seem to keep her eyes off of Meryl's bulge Sniper Wolf spies the finest ass she's ever seen on a cute little Genome Soldier when metla looking through her rifle's scope. Is it gea wonder then, that when she comes in and finds out that ass is attached to a prisoner, she goes rape scene in anime gets metal gear sex strap on and some lube?

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Feb 8, - For A Metal Gear Porn Parody, These Special Effects Are OK. Brian Ashcraft. Feb 8 Oh, let's not forget the hardcore sex. There's that, too.


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