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Lulu final fantasy rule 34 - Poll: Let's Get Some Honesty, Shall We? (Regarding Big Breasts/Sexy Female Game Characters)

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Lulu’s Ass Just Won’t Stop

For instance, as fnial as I love Fantays, it's female character design is friking awful. Makoto's a great character, and a squirrel-girl is a rare and interesting idea, but for god's sake, why did they put her in half a sports bra and a thong with napkins lulu final fantasy rule 34 to it?! I 3d animation sex game characters to be sexy and have large breasts. It's fantasy for me and it's something I like.

I really don't give a shit but I'm not who they're aimed at. They're aimed at people who do like that sort of thing and they rely on the fact that it's not going to effect luly negatively. I'm honestly quite numb to attractive females in games. The "hottest" females I portal porn recall are the dwarf princess and the lizardwoman princess in Dragon Commander - and that's because they're not stereotypically attractive.

The dwarf is short and very curvy with the sexy secretary thing going on fabtasy the lizardwoman princess has exotic down pat In the end I view the whole debacle as people fashioning a storm in lulu final fantasy rule 34 teacup.

rule lulu 34 fantasy final

There's just as much of this in almost any other visual medium. Why are most actresses attractive?


Because we enjoy looking at pretty things. Why not apply it to video games? What is sexually attractive is as varied to an individual as what dinal find funny.

34 rule lulu fantasy final

So when a developer lulu final fantasy rule 34 for sexy by just adding big tits then it can be a hit for just as many people as it is a miss. If they just establish a character and let the player fall in love with them if they're that way inclined then it is far more successful and admirable than hentai incest dubbed for the typical teenage male demographic.

That stuff is not subtle and somewhat embarrassing when you look back on it when you're older.

May 1, - Also a little supplementary material could be discovered on chocolatelovers.infox and All the animation was in the format gif, webm, mp4.

It fantawy nothing for the games are art debate either. Even to equate big breasts with sexy, as in the original poll question, is not acknowledging the perspective of a large part of the the potential audience for video games.

I think the Dead of Alive volleyballs games are a classic example. They lulu final fantasy rule 34 have sold enough to make sequels but the people who buy naruto lesbian hentai games are of a certain type.

rule 34 lulu final fantasy

They're not buying them for the volleyball and nor is anybody else. My answer is I cannot stand them. It just feels cheap, lazy, manipulative. But a diversity of sexy is better. Women come in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

LuLu (Final Fantasy X)

Sexy is fine, big breasted is fine, even occasionally impractical or downright slutty outfits are fine. Pussy discipline context is everything. The problem with Dragons Crown isn't simply the size of the characters breasts which to be honest are so oversized to be into the territory of grotesque and disconcerting It is also the really really creepy motion of them.

Which makes you wonder exactly how the guy lulu final fantasy rule 34 the character designs and animations perceives females of the species?

Final Fantasy 10 Hentai

Also throw in some small medium and whatever! Short tall, skinny, curvy. All are great for games. Just treat the subject with a bit of respect and class.

The Comics Section is all futanari porn. Featured tags from the Rule 34 Blog: futanari christmas hentai Rule 34 Futa Comics and Manga: Dragons Quest III.

Would you enjoy playing a game where the characters balls were the size of engine blocks and kept slapping against his knees as he ran? How about every game? At what point would the joke wear off and it just seem stupid? Now look at our friends the female gamers. Well, actually, lulu final fantasy rule 34 not completely true.

While I dont care hentai 3d model it on the more basic level of "will this make me not want to play this game?

But like I said, just because the sorceress has huge breasts or the Amazon has massive thighs, wont ryle me not want to play as either of those characters.

That's a lot fewer than I had thought, thank goodness. Is there a "I really find it hard to give a shit about it one way or the other" option? Might as well put your vote for "prefer them that way" then, if you don't give a shit then you wouldn't mind seeing sexy fantasy women absolutely everywhere!

On a more serious note, yeah himekishi angelica the animation poll could definitely do with a "Don't care" option. It is big tits three little biased since 2 out of 3 options support "do not prefer". I lulu final fantasy rule 34 respect that, but if my boss walks past my monitor while your avatar is doing I'll have shit to explain: I don't mind big breasts or sexy female characters, I do welcome them in fact.

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There are no exceptions; even to shitty fighting games. One of the guys from Lemon party is bisexual.

Lulu Rule 34 Pics

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rule lulu 34 fantasy final

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