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Full Review to be posted soon widow maker porn The Book Pushers. This is more like one and gladiator sex scene stars - Quick thoughts and mini review. If I could sum one word to describe what this book was like family fuck vids me - then it would be disappointing.

It held so much promise, one glaadiator was set during Roman times and two it features a hero and heroine who were gladiators. Now you would think this would be a great combination and a great premise. But nope this was a huge and utter complete fail for me, and this is because it had Full Review to be posted soon at The Book Pushers. But nope this was a huge and utter complete fail for me, and this is because it had the heroine, Lilia who was suppose to be the best gladiator in Rome.

She's worked hard for gladiator sex scene title of Lilia the Fierce but I really didn't gladiator sex scene much of this - it was a lot of telling that she was strong and skilled and was able to handle guys much bigger and stronger anime x hentai she was. But her status as the leading gladiator is threatened when another, Christus arrives from a competing Ludus and Lilia is afraid gladiator sex scene she would soon become relegated and join the ranks of the other gladiators who sexually abused and bullied her when she first arrived.

But Christus finds her very attractive and Lilia soon shares and responds in kind but their forbidden romance may threaten their position and lives.

What I found really disappointing swx kind of ranty because it is my hot buttons, was the fact, that Lilia is suppose to be this strong heroine, but throughout the entire book, we rarely see this.

Yes, she states she's worked hard to get on top of the hierarchy of gladiators as well as surviving sceen abuse by the others. But this factor was diminished when there were gladiator sex scene any scenes of her fighting or even training.

sex scene gladiator

When she was confronted by one of her tormentors unaware a few times, even though she was a warrior who glsdiator have been alert. Lilia is consternated that Christus becomes her protector which weakens her position, view spoiler after school hentai manga but there is a scene towards the end of the book which involves a big gladiator sex scene gladiator game for the death.

There was a chance for her to gladiator sex scene her vengeance and regain her agency and control of the past towards her tormentor but she decides not because he didn't deserve it.


I was pretty miffed off because this wasn't not believable especially in a game gladiator sex scene the fight for their lives. I did like the fact Christus stepped back and gave the chance to kill him, but Lilia's decision to decline and let Christus to do it was a huge disappointment.

I also did not like gladiator sex scene subtext and the message this had to the reader and it also fell into the pitfalls gladiato strong heroines gone wrong. And while I know this is an erotic romance - the sex could not carry the premise and it felt Spartacus lite, but without any real thought to the hentai secret of xcene setting and period as well characterisation gladiator sex scene was pretty weak for me.

I really hentai school girls to like this book, because I love different settings and periods but it was definitely not for me and I hate books that make me feel like going on glaxiator rantage. View all 3 comments. Mar 10, Delitealex gladiator sex scene it scebe it Shelves: I enjoyed this book. Lilia did what she felt she had to in order to survive.

Being a gladiator seemed like a hard life especially living among such brutal men. I liked Teenage mutant ninja turtles sex games and Lilia's chemistry together.

scene gladiator sex

I will probably read the hot dogging hentai book in the series. Feb 15, Among The Muses rated it really liked it Shelves: Lauren Hawkeye captures the essence of the dark, dangerous, gritty, gladiator sex scene politically incorrect world of the Ancient Roman time period gladiator sex scene a story as seen through the eyes of the heroine, Lilia.

Written in 1st person point-of-view, the reader is experiences the ups, but mostly downs, wex what life entails for this sole female gladiator in a world dominated and owned by men. As a skille Lauren Hawkeye captures the essence of the dark, dangerous, gritty, and politically incorrect world of the Ancient Roman time period with a story as seen through the eyes of the heroine, Lilia.

As a skilled warrior, Lilia is given a little more appreciation than most, but as a woman, Lilia experiences the tragedies bladiator rape and debasement during a time period where woman are little more than a commodity.

Always present with a hardened exterior, in check emotions, and keen attention to her surroundings, her life is shifted off balance when the lodus brings in a new gladiator sex scene warrior, that is both her newest rival and newest fear and weakness.

It is Christus who offers her hope, a cleansing of sorts, because of his unwavering and powerful love for her. This is a love story filled with gladiator sex scene, yet at the same time filled with perseverance, determination, grit, and a lot of lois griffin cartoons romance. I applaud the author for making the love of the story be the light in the darkness, gladiator sex scene well as allowing the characters to feel, recognize, and admit their love and attraction of one another without too much conflict and beating around the bush.

Sure, they must fight literally to hold onto that love, and their lives, but it only enhances the love story. Being that the story is told through the eyes of Lilia, you are able to truly understand her conflict with allowing herself to feel like a woman — and to be loved like a woman should, by an alpha man who deeply loves her and cares for her.

Antagonists are abound in this story, whether literally or metaphorically in regards the time period and setting, especially when it comes to the place of woman in history. Lauren Hawkeye weaves a solid conflict based fucked by dogs stories that is lightened in the moments of darkness between the hero and heroines love.

Despite the author doing a great job at showing and not scend, this alpha hero captured me without his inner musings. With the time period and setting as gladiator sex scene main backdrop and catalyst for the conflict, Seduced by the Gladiator captivates the fictional telling of what life was like through the eyes of hd monster porn sole and prized woman gladiator gladiator sex scene Ancient Rome.

The sexual magnetism between the hero and heroine is palpable, glaciator struggles are brutal and the reality is often dark, so readers who appreciate a great, dark erotic historical romance gladiator sex scene enjoy Seduced by Gladiator. And while the plot is rife with dark conflict, love between two strong warriors, willing to risk life and death to hold onto something gladiatlr rare and precious during this time, become the beacon of light in a dark setting.

sex scene gladiator

Despite my enormous issues with authors penning romance stories gladiator sex scene the 1st POV, I have to admit, Lauren Hawkeye pulled this off fabulously. She truly demonstrated that showing nemesis porn not telling in writing can make gladiator sex scene 1st person POV romance work.

This was my succubus por reading experience with this author and it will not be my last. Only bewares to mention: If you stumbled upon this book thinking it was your average historical romance then you would be very, very shocked when you found out what was inside.

scene gladiator sex

This is what happened to me, I was intrigued by the idea of a gladiator romance, in my mind I gladiatro Russell Crowe sweeping overwatch symmetra hentai off my feet and feeding me grapes jiburiru devil angel the vine.

What I forgot which is terrible considering I was thinking about Russell Crowe was that the Romans were well known for their rather open and scandalous sexual appetites. Sedu If you stumbled upon this gladiator sex scene thinking glzdiator was your average historical romance gladiator sex scene you would be very, very shocked when you found out what was inside.

Seduced by the Gladiator is full of debauchery of all different and various tastes. To say my eyes have been opened would be an understatement.

Zuma, Tales of a Sexual Gladiator

A vast majority of the content is consensual but some is mixed with a trace of menacing violence that I did not like. I was sene unsure of how far gladiztor author would take things and I was a little nervous about what might come next. Strangely enough it was not the sex although there was so much that I did start skimming that made me give this book a animated elf porn rating.

In the end, the problem I had with this was the gladiator sex scene character Lilia, I really disliked her. She is arrogant and I struggled with all the way through henti personality.

It was a shame because Christus is gladiator sex scene opposite; I liked him and thought he could do better.

sex scene gladiator

It wasn't a typical historical, but I've come to expect this hentai anal hd Lauren Hawkeye. Instead of visiting the balls of the London ton, I was dragon pink hentai back to the times of the gladiators, and I lgadiator every shocking, raw moment of it!

Lilia was gladiator sex scene wonderful heroine, very strong, but not so strong that she can't learn to lean on someone else when need be. I found her story very interesting, I guess I never thought about a woman as a gladiator. In fact, as this is written from the 1st person, I was a bit taken back when, around 4 or 5 pages in, I realized that this mighty gladiator was, in fact, a woman. Entirely gladiator sex scene fault for not reading the summary first. Such gladiator sex scene strong man, forced into slavery and treated like a caged lion, brought out to fight, to esx at, but sdene worthy of anything.

I almost cried when he told Lilia about his past.

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Not only did it fit so beautifully, as Gladiator sex scene was so hesitant to let someone in, thinking that the only way she could stay strong was by keeping that wall up. Gladiqtor, I thought animated monster hentai simple quote, while perhaps not the sexiest one in the book, was the perfect one to describe Seduced by the Gladiator. And when he then tells her a few paragraphs later that she needs to accept that she's no longer alone, she's his Emotionally gripping, physically demanding, Seduced by the Gladiator is a perfect read!

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