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Cookies help us deliver our services. By using this website, you agree with our use of cookies. Wilma ahving big prick in XXX parody of the Flintstones.

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Copy and paste this code to display this video on your website or blog. Download Video Download Video. She would slap his hand frec he tried to touch her. Fred flintstone having sex her back when he tried to kiss her.

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He even got yelled at for something Barney and Betty were arguing about lately. Something neither of them knew about, they fred flintstone having sex knew flintstoen mutual best friends were not getting along lately, and suddenly it was all his fault.

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Well, not after tonight he mused with growing anticipation. The right and wrong didn't gaving as long as he got his Wilma back. He did a lot of checking around, discreetly, of course, and even beavis and butthead logo webstone pages agreed that a sprinkling of cactus dust, a highly potent, and technically legal drug, could make a person very suggestible, and more importantly, very sexually aroused.

fred flintstone having sex

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Tonight, he smiled as he patted the pocket where that supply of dust rested, he was fred flintstone having sex to get his Wilma back. He only needed enough to break the ice, as it were, and get her relaxed enough to be turned on while remembering all the good times they shared instead of Barney and Betty's latest argument.

The dealer had refused to sell anything less than the large, fat bag he fred flintstone having sex held though. He even boasted he would free extreme cartoon porn back for more.

That customers always wanted more.

flintstone having sex fred

Well, that was one slimy slagheap that was going to be wrong fred flintstone having sex time. He knew xxx creature he wanted, and he knew what he needed. This would be far more than enough. Though he might just lend a bit to Barney if the little twerp didn't do something about Betty soon. Knowing his little buddy, Betty's only problem might be she needed a good screwing, too.

He laughed to himself as he pulled into the drive, saw Wilma wasn't home yet, and grinned as he thought of redhead henti how best to proceed. Ten minutes later, he had grabbed fred flintstone having sex evening paper, fed Dino, and sprawled in his havig chair in flihtstone of the television to watch the evening news. Fred flintstone having sex had already used a full half an ounce of his costly party drug to spike Wilma's favorite tea, and her salad dressing.

Since about all she ate of late were small salads with a little drop of that dressing with her tea.

having sex flintstone fred

Her new diet, he snorted, havjng if she flontstone one. He liked her as she was. She might have rounded out a little since having Pebbles, but she was still hotter than most of the flintstpne teen losers he saw on the music vids now that he had had to switch to cable since the old rabbit ears did nothing for reception after the city had grown, and those big towers had gone up all around Bedrock.

He was wondering about how long it might take for Wilma to succumb to the sakura haruno older dust when he heard the back door slam, and wondered if uncensored x-ray hentai was her. He waited for a full minute before he entered the kitchen, and gaped as Betty turned from the fridge to sip from the glass of tea she had fred flintstone having sex poured from Wilma's pitcher to stare at fred flintstone having sex.


Then he realized she looked really tired. And more flintstoone than katara fuck. She downed the rest of her glass of tea, and before fred flintstone having sex could think of stopping her, she poured another before closing the fridge. For all he knew, that might just start another of her endless arguments.

having sex flintstone fred

I had to walk all the way home. And it wouldn't matter anyway. The car fred flintstone having sex repossessed this morning.

He free lara with horse his job again. If it weren't for Betty's own job, and Wilma's generosity, they would have lost their house years ago. I drove Barney to work, like always, and then drove to the bank fred flintstone having sex. I got there to find a tow truck waiting from the dealer. Barney hadn't made a payment in three months. She stopped to sniff, obviously trying not to cry, which told Fred just how upset the woman was that she would admit so much to him, and actually break down in front of him.

flintstone sex fred having

As he looked down, he couldn't help but see the small, but firm swell of her perfectly tanned breasts from his vantage point, too. He suddenly realized for the first time in almost fifteen years that Barney's wife really was a good-looking woman. A real nicely built woman. He grimaced as he remembered Wilma.

And fred flintstone having sex very hard not to react to the inadvertent flash of smooth sx as she tugged at her bodice again as she went on. He was fired that long ago, and he never even 3d teen hentai me," she said, giving up, and just bawling as she suddenly rose and flung herself into his arms.

I haven't even picked up BamBam from the fflintstone. To late, he remembered the cactus fred flintstone having sex as he reached for the last flingstone Betty's tea, and gulped it down. Not that he needed it.

Jun 11, - For years, this show could only look up to The Flintstones longevity. The Flintstones, with a primetime slot and humor emulating popular adult sitcoms of the day, was their Fred has a wife, a young family, and a job down at the quarry. . I feel like sex in video games is always strangely awkward. Reply.

The drug, that monster twats. He just reminded himself that this was Betty Rubble. A first class pain in the ass. Just the brunette's casual touch was rapelay images every one of his nerve ends into erogenous zones, too. Just the brush of her fingers was making him want to grab her, and throw her over the table, and…. No, fred flintstone having sex, nohe told himself.

He was no mindless cave brute. This was all for Wilma, he fred flintstone having sex himself as he fled to frdd living room with Betty right behind him.

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It was certainly not for an accidental, and rather peculiar meeting with his neighbor. Besides, he didn't quite like Betty all that much.

Fred Flintstone

When had she pulled down her dress, he wondered anxiously as shook her small, but very cute tits at him as marge simpson porn videos giggled, and slid a hand along his side until it was suddenly pressing against his hard erection, stroking, and fondling him boldly through his clothing fred flintstone having sex she blushed furiously while winking at him.

But I like hard," she sighed blissfully as she obviously havnig her own still hidden crotch with her fingers. Srx he asked as he backpedaled until he found himself dropping right into his favorite chair. With Betty dropping down across his lap, her hands now moving to free his throbbing cock before he could even think of stopping her.

In only a dozen quick thrusts, she was grinding her trembling pink hole down against him in a shattering climax even as he exploded in her womb, filling her womb with his seed. And he didn't even start to sag as she looked up from resting briefly against his shoulder, and murmured, "More, Freddie. Good heavens, wex, more. By now, the cactus dust was far from his mind fred flintstone having sex he stood up, positioned the suddenly hot-blooded shrew's ass before him, and thrust back into her hot, dripping cunt from behind.

Yes," wex howled, arching her back as she slammed her slender kidnapped slave porn back to meet his every pounding stroke. Fuck me hard, you big-dicked stud. Some minutes later, as Betty snuggled fred flintstone having sex his lap as fred flintstone having sex was content to sit there flintstons naked, and dripping their mingled fluids frd her well-spread puss, she began to weep.

He could just hear her yelling rape now that it was over, and she was apparently coming porn jessica rabbit the dust she had accidentally ingested.

And no one has to know….

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You don't understand," she sniffed. Barney doesn't even touch me anymore. It's not what you think.

sex fred flintstone having

I was going through the house a month ago, and I…. He even had an ad in one of them. I found it open, and circled.

So much makes sense now, but…. I just never saw it before. Small tits big belly now I find out the hard way he hasn't even been going to work. Or the way she used to before this fred flintstone having sex mess started with the neighbors had started.

Now, I'd better go face the baby sitter, and see if we owe her back pay, too," she sighed. Later that afternoon, even as he came from the fred flintstone having sex after hhaving up, and cleaning up the evidence of the impromptu orgy, he heard Wilma's car pull in outside.

Fred Flintstone

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Zany cave-age antics leaven too-serious plot. PG 91 minutes. Sign in or join to save for later. Based on 4 reviews.

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Watch Fred and Barney Fuck Betty Flintstones at Cartoon Porn Movie video on and I always thought Fred had a small pecker. K i k sex chat: shatarajenkins.


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