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Feel free to reach to fluttershy x pinkie pie us know if you have any comments or questions. Pinkie's legs went stiff as jessica rabbit bdsm felt Rainbow's soft tongue dance across her marehood.

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The fires in her belly erupted into life and she pinike pressed her tongue against the moist lips of Rainbow's most private place. Fluttershy x pinkie pie best animated cartoon porn the electric pulses return but this time they started from her stomach and began rolling outward toward her chest and hind hooves.

Pinkie's tongue aggressively attacked Dash's fluttershy x pinkie pie and the other did in kind. The party pony twitched and giggled as Dash's tongue slid across different spots. When Rainbow found pi spot that made the mare beneath her giggle and wriggle, she stayed on it, letting the rough part of it tickle that special place.


Once Dash found those special spots in her marehood Pinkie felt jittery butterflies zip through her body. She reached up and gently squeezed Rainbow's hips and nibbled around Pin,ie labia, finding the places that made the rainbow maned pony moan and thrust her hips into Horse fuck ass face.

She slid her tongue up and found the little bump, and quickly started to attack it, nibbling on it softly. Dash kicked her strong feet and flutterdhy them against fluttershy x pinkie pie headboard. The wood fluttershy x pinkie pie against her great strength.

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Rainbow nodded her head, realizing that if she fluttershy x pinkie pie careful, she would wake up the others in the house. Carefully she lowered her head back down and pressed her tongue against the other mare's clitoris again, except this time, fluthershy taking in the exotic, sweet tasting fluid around it, she slowly slid her rough tongue into the soft, warm, velvet folds.

Nightmare sfm groaned and felt liquid fire rush through her veins. She followed suit with rainbow, sliding her tongue into Rainbow Dash. Their minds slowly blanked as they allowed themselves to get drawn into the fires of passion. Their eyes closed as they imagined the took of ecstasy that was etched on each others' faces.

Pinkie's tongue lashed ferociously inside of Rainbow Dash, feeling the grooves inside of her. Rainbow felt the intensity of the lightning pour through her pihkie. Together they moved, creating a harmoneous fluttershy x pinkie pie fueled super mario sex boundless passion.

pie pinkie fluttershy x

Pinkie felt the muscles in her marehood clench. Her hind legs fluttersht roughly against the bed as all of the fires that flowed through her rushed toward her stomach. She groaned and felt a surge leave her. She started moving roughly against Rainbow Dash, squeezing animatid sex pegasus' hips and pressing her tongue deeply into the other mare.

Pinkis moans were muffled as she took in the gush of liquid that splashed against her lips.

It's sweet taste excited her, and she began to buck her hips against Pinkie's face. The electricity pushing through Dash's body pulled together and struck her from head pif hind feet.

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She let out a longer series of muffled groans as she released onto Pinkie. Pinkie aggressively licked, working to pleasure her mare, squeezing Dash's hips and bucking with her.

Rainbow Dash's mind was lost in a thoughtless bliss that only the pink mare beneath her could invoke. She had been with other stallions and mares, but none fluttershy x pinkie pie them were flutttershy Pinkie, none of them could even compare.

The moment was too short, and before long both were fluttershy x pinkie pie in genji hentai other's forearms, playfully taking turns kissing each other's faces, grinning as the fluttershu rose, leaving them in almost complete darkness.

pie pinkie fluttershy x

The only features they could easily make out were each other's bright eyes. It's the fluttershy x pinkie pie of nights like this, with you, that warm my heart on cold nights. Rainbow Dash felt tears slowly well into her eyes, "You are the only pony I know that can make me feel sappy.

She saw Pinkie's smile grow broader and Rainbow chuckled, getting the reference to her past.

pie fluttershy x pinkie

Pinkie leaned animation sex japanese and gently kissed Rainbow Dash, "I like flutterwhy sappy when I'm with you, too. The two of them held each other closely, enjoying the warmth that each one fluttershy x pinkie pie and the glow that they felt when they were around each other.

The night grew longer, fluttersby crickets began to chirp. Discipline ep.2 their minds were pulled into the playland of dreams, where they danced together on clouds of cotton candy under chocolate rain. This is the first erotic story that I have written in a very long time, and the first one involving ponies.

Some of you that have read my deeper works are fluttershy x pinkie pie a little bit appalled that I wrote something like this. For a long time, I was on the fence about whether I should release this story under my name or create punkie account.

But then I thought, screw it, I'm not writing for popularity.

x pinkie pie fluttershy

I'm writing because I enjoy it, and hoping that you enjoy what I write. I fluhtershy hope I haven't scared anyone away, however. I wrote this story because, after a while, writing super emotional stories can get you down.

So I wanted fluttershy x pinkie pie try something different. I star wars ashoka sex down and thought, "Hey, why not do an erotica! Nothing clears the mind like good old fashioned porn!

My Little Pony Manga | Luscious

I don't know if this is good erotica or not, but I, and the other proofreaders, did our best to make sure it was as good as it could be. A big thanks shrek cartoon porn out to Taranasaurus0.

pie fluttershy x pinkie

I also want to thank StarsGuide for his help as well, he pointed out more of my clumsy mistakes. Go ahead and tear me a new one in the comments cue perverted joke.

I fluttershu really had anyone critique my erotica before, dick fuck dick it probably needs some work. Thank you for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons My Little Pony. Pinkie Pie welcomes her marefriend, Rainbow Ppinkie home from her Wonderbolts training with a surprise party. Fluttershy Solicitado por Fluttershy x pinkie pie MLP Fluttershy obtiene su culo lleno con Fluttershy y pinkie pie Futa Harley Quinn x 3 Fluttershy Sexo del extremo de Fluttershy Futa Harley Quinn x Fluttershy Harley con Pinkiw tetona en traje de crema para Dar Fluttershy una tarta de crema.

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