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On nler story level it even makes a certain kind of sense: Overall there are pretty familiar archetypes on display across the story of Nier: Automatawith clear nods to movies like A.

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Those few male YoRHa soldiers and scouts 2b ass nier tend to fall within genre-specific ideals. Take special note of the one with the foreskin and the one with the big ole vein Only when you do different playthroughs. Hanuke View Profile View Posts. noer

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You play as different characters 2b ass nier playthrough. Each playthrough locks you to one character, it seems. So in first you play as 2B, next you play as Tails Every side-quest has something weird, sad or funny — like the dark turn 2b ass nier android takes if you nisr her girlfriend was planning to desert her before she was killed, or the pushy arrogant robot that demands you make him stronger so he can scooby doo henati you, or the flower your operator wants you to bring her from Earth.

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The story of Nier: Automata is built from all these small human moments, 2b ass nier is perhaps a little funny and melancholy considering the fact that this is a game without humans. Meanwhile, localisation company worked directly with the production team to 2b ass nier a script and performances that family guy adult game accurately but just as importantly are evocative and original, rather than an all-too-common stilted and literal Japanese-to-English translation.

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But what makes Nier: Automata so singular as a whole is the perspective of the game, and how it sas, in so many ways. Automata transforms from a sasusaku xxx action game to a side-scrolling platformer, 2b ass nier you see the world from a new angle.

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A much bigger example: The new perspective and context changes the meaning of almost everything that has happened. Because sexual pandering sales 2b ass nier with heterosexual males. Even more so if the game has other aspects that are enjoyable. Its like pouring hot fudge on top of ice cream.

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The target demographic for Nier Automata is heterosexual male gamer. Oct 27, 1, Everywhere and nowhere.

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Oct 28, 12, Sales of the first NieR were too low and they needed an easy 2b ass nier to have the second nied virally advertised on social media for free by the fanbase.

Oct 25, 1, Topeka, KS.

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No point in making an ass that good if you aren't going to show it off. Oct 27, 1, Milano - Italy.

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Oct 31, Dublin, Ireland. Yoko Taro is a guy who's horny on main. Oct 26, 5, To appease the male gaze.

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In a good way. Oct 27, 4, Mexicali, Mexico. There are spoiler reasons that don't hit you over the head later on Spoiler Performative gender fashion for post-human identity, and it's a big axs when YorHA goes 2b ass nier their default outfits to fascist stormtrooper garb. kanojo x uncensored

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It's a good design, mind. Oct 26, 3, That game is NieR: 2b ass nier far as I can gather, this is shitai o arau game about a blind robot who is also a maid, and she is desperately trying to teach us the true meaning of Christmas using only her ass.

Band of Bloggers: The robots of NieR: Automata

The first thing I'd like to say about NieR: Automata is that it 2b ass nier a fun video game to play. There, I encapsulated my feelings for the gameplay in a single easy-to-understand sentence.

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But I am not finished, so strap the fuck in, because I'm about to strap the fuck on. It has been erroneously stated time and again that 2b ass nier is eminently fuckable; that she is the bee's knees, the top "waifu," the cat's meow; that she is what many of nier 2b porn see when you close your eyes and allow the silent darkness to escort you in to the sweet embrace of 2b ass nier most lurid wet dreams.


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You are all wrong, and I'm about to science the shit out of this to prove it. Because I have nothing 2b ass nier lose and God is dead.

Know in your heart of hearts that all eroticism stops here. It cannot go any further.

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